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Thank you list! - Daniel Wu @HKFA 20070415

Video: Thank you list! - Daniel Wu @HKFA 20070415it's got the full thank you list on it, not the edited one that tvb showed.  thanks to mandy for finding this!

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cool drum n bass / breakbeat video

Video: Drum n Bass / Breakbeat

        An even better one:

Video: KJ Sawka Live on c89.5

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we won!

what a great way to celebrate the launch of the site --  dan wins best new director, everyone performs together at the awards show, a sweet after party dinner, and after after party at conroy's pad.  didn't get back home until 6am or so.  just got up and came to work now.  =)

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dead or alive

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dead or alive



FRESH: 8/10  8/10


DOA: Dead or Alive (2007)


| Entry | actually, i realized i can just copy over the movie ratings i make on rottentomatoes. so, i'll use this site to handle movie ratings in the future (and also put a...Read more

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the hk film awards

just got back from the hk film awards.  so tired.  we were there from about 2pm all the way til 9pm. 

what an crazy awesome experience.  going through the red carpet.  watching the interviews.  performing in the background for our "best song" performance.  i might be biased, but i think our act was probably the most interesting part of the awards ceremony.  the crowd seemed to really get into it.  i hope someone taped it cuz i'm really curious how it turned out.

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going back to the usa

ok, it looks like i'll most likely be going back to the us.  right now just trying to figure out the ticket situation and also trying to figure out how long i will be over there.  there's the vc film fest in la which is like asian american film festival in sf.  that's from may 3-10, so i'm gonna try to hit that up.  but then there's also the asian excellence awards on may 16 in la.  dunno if i can/want to stay in the us that long.  traveling around is tiring!

what else?  oh ya, the site is live (duh!).  big t...Read more

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another chapter (almost) closed....

went back to xiamen this past weekend to move out of my apartment there. the past three months i've only been back to xiamen a total of about 5-6 days, so it's a total waste to keep renting a place there (even if the rent is cheap relative to hk or the us).

so, the past two days just been packing up stuff like crazy. ended up giving a ton of random stuff to my maid and jimmy. jimmy also bought all my electronics (printer, dvd player, xbox, games, dvds, etc), which saves me the hassle of trying to bring ever...Read more

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ROTTEN: 3/10  3/10


Ultraviolet (2006)


| Entry | went to the gym last night. they let you borrow dvds to watch while you are working out. i decided to watch "ultraviolet" since the trailer looked kinda interesting.

MAN THAT IS A BAD MOVIE! it might have worked if it were a video game...Read more

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my humps

have you guys seen this video? pretty funny...

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ohana means family!


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