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So I've been seeing a number of folks in my friend feed sharing this article on Facebook: http://nextshark.com/reviews-bruce-lee-biopic-asians-pissed/

A number of my friends worked on this film, including the actor playing Bruce Lee, Philip Ng. I asked him for his thoughts on the matter (see attached photos).

My own thoughts: 1) I'm pretty sure the majority of the user reviews on IMDB referenced in the article are from people that haven't actually seen the movie. Most likely they saw the trailer and decided to post negative reviews of the movie to hurt its score. The movie isn't even out yet!!! As far as I know it's only been screened at the Toronto International Film Festival so far. If you want a more accurate assessment of the film, check out the Tomatometer score (shameless plug) to see what the critics think when the movie actually comes out. Or better yet, WATCH THE MOVIE AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF!

2) The cast is almost completely Asian and features two Asian leads -- Philip Ng as Bruce Lee and Yu Xia as Wong Jack Man. This is a movie that Asian Americans should be coming out in droves to support, not badmouthing and trying to boycott. If Hollywood makes a film with a nearly all-Asian cast and we boycott it and it bombs, guess what? We prove that "Asians aren't bankable" and they stop casting Asians in any lead roles.

Ok, just had to get that off of my chest. I, for one, will be watching the film the day it releases and trying to get all of my friends to come out to support.

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