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ohana means family!

born in la, moved to maryland when i was 5, then back to california to go to college. joined my friend's company in xiamen and ended up moving to china. then worked on a project with boys from alive ( and spent most of my time in hong kong. now back in california! lots of changes in my outlook on life, the universe, and everything over the past few years. abc, but my chinese ain't that hot. super high metabolism, though it's slowed down a lot recently. look young, feel old. while driving, the guy in your rearview mirror singing at the top of his lungs to himself. highly optimistic, except when it comes to girls. tend to only like the ones that wouldn't like me back. believe strongly in karma and the golden rule. agnostic. not interested in politics. tend to assume the best in people. oblivious to sarcasm and jokes. feel that life is too short; felt that way for as long as i can remember. if you're not happy where you are, do something about it. take the road less traveled. afraid of heights, speed, and the supernatural. wish i could fly like superman. left handed. obsessive compulsive. very neat. drink socially, but don't smoke or do drugs; i don't trust my willpower if i start. poor willpower, but strong ideals - which unfortunately can result in hypocrisy. pick things up quickly, but also quickly lose interest in things. bad at keeping in touch. lazy, but ambitious. overpowering conscience. can't cheat or tell lies at all. introspective. care too much about what other people think. shy and aloof with strangers. yet if i'm in a club and a song i like comes on, i will be the first one on the dance floor. want to be popular. want to be in a band, be in a movie, write a book, create a game, and more -- if only there was enough time to do it all! try to push people to reach their potential. nerd leader. want to be the nice guy that doesn't finish last.

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Patrick Lee is a co-founder and the former CEO of, an online community for artists and their fans. He was also the Executive Producer of "The Heavenly Kings", directed by Daniel Wu (Best New Director, 2007 Hong Kong Film Awards). Prior to, Mr. Lee co-founded and served as CEO of Rotten Tomatoes (, a leading entertainment website focused on movie reviews and news and one of the top 800 most trafficked sites in the world. He also co-founded and served as CEO for Design Reactor (, an internet marketing firm focused on the entertainment industry. Design Reactor’s portfolio of clients under Patrick's tenure included Disney, ABC, Warner Bros., and Artisan Entertainment, among others. Patrick holds a BA in Cognitive Science from the University of California at Berkeley.

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ohana means family!

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Languages Spoken
english, mandarin
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August 4, 2005

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