Rosemary Vanderbroucke

Food for thought ! Just finished reading "Light on Life" by the late B.K.S Iyengar

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Embracing the heat of the night at the #Ports1961 Menswear Launch

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How lucky were we yesterday with the weather after #yoga @janicechia9 !!! Love you sis!

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Rainbows apologize for angry skies ;) #blackrainstorm #HongKong

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Hi from Ollie and Hannah! #JustMeltsYourHeart @janicechia9

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The way I see it, if you want a rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain HK ;) NYC shoot by @rekanyariphotography

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Making it my mission to have an office like this all the time! #SelfMotivation

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Roaming this gorgeous oasis @furtherfuture wearing one of my favorite #caftans by @mariefrancevandamme. Many thanks @rekanyariphotography for the pic!!!

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You complete me #FeelingBlessed

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Rosemary Vanderbroucke

Actor , Singer , Model

Location Hong Kong
Traditional Chinese Name 虹萱
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English Name Rosemary Vandenbroucke

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