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Seems that residents in Alivenotdead are dying out

I do follow some posts by some of my favourite artists, not frequently though.It's been another long period of time since my last logging in and say something. I try to find some news from my friends here only ended up finding out that most of them including artists and fans either stopped posting or are not active anymore.Seems that posting on SNS is more popular and covenient. And we are becoming more and more lazy to add a long blog entry and starting to post short twitts, or just share some pics and ...Read more

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Back from Thailand

Just realized that today is Daniel's bday. Happy Birthday, Dan. I am back from Thailand today. What a fantastic trip!My friends and I went to Huahin, which is a city along the beach. We stayed in a hotel called Haven Resort. The service was good and people are very very nice to us. There is a lot of yummy food in Thailand, one of my friends was so keen on the mango with sticky rice that she bought one box everyday.I must say that people in Thailand are modest and kind. I miss the warm greetings and friendly smile from them. And of cour...Read more

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Hey, it's been a year! Another mid autumn festival has passed. I tried to add a new entry before, but I failed. Just don't know what to say eh..Yeah, I may need to have a new profile pic to inform you that I am well and alive, haha...It's been a BUSY year, but this year will be SUPER BUSY I suppose. Study and school clubs...I did drop by some of your pages or posts, but did not leave any message. Okay, at least I made some comment on Daniel Wu's posts. ^_^Wish you health and wealth. And wish you love.Read more

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Blog: Friday, Sep 24

yep, i've already started my real freshman life here in s'pore. finanlly finished bridging course.

life is kinda busier than last sememster, that's for sure. i've tried some school clubs and societies so that i can enjoy my campus life and get the ECA points as well. ECA points are related to our housing, for example, I need to earn at least 5 point in year 1, which means I need to become a maincomm or subcomm of some clubs.

This wednesday was the mid-autumn festival, people in NTU from my hometown gathere...Read more

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this week

This week will be a bit busy. Robocup will be held here in Singapore this year. Maybe some friends I knew since the 2008 Robocup would come. And I volunteered for some set-up stuff.  By the way, I might take a trip to Sentosa with my friends. Dragon Boat Festival is coming!

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before finale

Hey, friends here.I'll have my math and physics final in June. Less than a week ahead.I know it's time to add a new entry. Wanna get rid of facebook or anywhere crowded for a while...Somehow upset. too many things to do(i gotta do some revision), too many people around (just moved to a new hostel), too much anime (somewhat get bored)...After this semester, I'm going to be an NTU student literally, no more bridging course.Seniors said that I would be much busier than ever before. To tell the truth, I'm not quite prepared. How wil...Read more

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get rid of my lab report

finally i submitted my lab report. never wanna think about it again~~~~~yesterday i found that the Chinese New Year's Day is the Valentines Day~COOL~ shall i do something special? LOL~I think I should do my homework instead of watching anime tonight~ fighting!

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back from avatar

yes, it has already been on show for a long time. i even didn't want to go for it until my friend invited me to. well, it is better than i expected. the plot and idea seem similar to some Japanese anime though, which might be the good point for me, coz i hate simple american style movie. the CG is quite cool. i had difficulty wearing the 3D glasses with my own glasses, but it worths it. the story is just okay, if Jake died in the end, it could get better. i enjoyed the bgm, quite magnificent.cinemas in sg don't have IMAX, which is a ...Read more

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Blog: Tuesday, Jan 5

it's been long time since i added my last entry... well, to tell the truth, i was involved in another website, yes, the Chinese Facebook, Renren, or Xiaonei as it was. it was exciting to chat with either friends or former classmates even though we are apart now. but i got upset that i actually don't have much to say now, and the site became more and more crowded as i added more friends. well, i'm still in touch with my close friends, but i seem to lose interest in talking with too many people whom i don't really care much...Read more

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Blog: Friday, Oct 9

CHEERS!!i can get back to china  for about 20 days this December!Miss U ALL

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衣沾不足惜,但使愿无违 望むように生きて 輝く未来を いつまでも歌うわ あなたの為に nature to culture, gravity to life


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January 8, 2008