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Going crazy on a budget...

Receiving reminders from admin about the last time you posted on your blog is a signpost in an already busy life.

As an artist/musician/performer one barely has time to practice one's instruments, new and old material, create promotional material, record, learn how to record better and keep up your blog...

If someone could send me some CA$H so i can employ a secretary, a recording engineer and a genetic scientist to clone myself... then i might get to blog a bit more... HA!



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Letting go....

Morpheous once said that you just have to let it all go....to get in the zone....to hit that sonic high.

Music is my drug. I can't get enough. I just love looking out into the crowd at all those people, eyes closed, smiles screwed up in ecstatic mirth.

They're not there to worship the band.  They don't need  'Image' or manufactured stage craft to dazzle them. To these people, the Groove, is the medium for their salvation. To become lost in oneself and the moment, and not at the pinnacle of hype.

I kn...Read more

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Peace and good vibes to all good people! See ya on the dance floor somewhere in the Wild Wild East...大家好!起来,起来了!跳舞了! 流汗和笑一笑了! 不能收,我太多朋友啊!吃饱了没?

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