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    5th Grupo Capoeira Brasil Batizado Hong Kong

    Saturday, Aug 21, 2010 12:00AM
    Saturday, Aug 28, 2010 3:00PM
    Kowloon Park, TST 
    Hong Kong
    Sporting event
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  • The BIGGEST Capoeira event in HONG KONG yet is currently taking place. The 5th Batizado of Grupo Capoeira Brasil Hong Kong.

    This year we're priveleged to have the legendary Mestre Boneco (one of the founders of Grupo Capoeira Brasil, and also one of the world's most influential Capoeirista) in Hong Kong for this event.

    Master Boneco (Beto Simas) is one of three founding members of the internationally renowned Grupo Capoeira Brasil. He began training Capoeira in 1974 and started teaching seven years later. Today he supervises over 50 instructors with classes offered worldwide, including Brazil, Australia, Europe, Japan and throughout the United States. Master Boneco is recognized by the Brazilian Capoeira Federation.

    Through his work as an actor and model in Brazil, Master Boneco is credited with bringing Capoeira into the public eye. He began acting in 1996 when he signed a contract with Global Television Network (the biggest television network in South America). He appeared in soap operas, movies, family program entertainment, talk shows and others highly rated programs in Brazil.  He also performed at the opening for the Olympic Games.

    Master Boneco trained actress Halle Berry for her title role in Catwoman, and his students can be seen in other blockbusters, Ocean’s Twelve, Meet the Fockers and in music videos Rich Girls, by Gwen Stefani and Eve and Usher's Caught Up


    Other guests include:

  • Mestre Peixe Ensaboado, Group capoeira Brazil Australia
  • Mestre Eddy Murphy, Axe Capoeira Macao
  • Contra-Mestre Japao, Nagoas Capoeira Nagoya Japan
  • Professora Cris Capoeira, Capoarte Capoeira Taiwan
  • Professor Zen Berimbau, Axe Capoeira Hong Kong
  • Instrutor Mascote, Group Capoeira Brazil Macao
  • Instrutor Tanque, Group Capoeira Brazil Shanghai China

    There will be workshops through out the week, and also public rodas (free for all to attend)

    Please do come along to our Mong Kok Roda on Thursday 26th August 21:30 (near KFC and Broadway cinema on Sai Yeung Choi Street)

    and also to our - 5th Batizado Festival Ceremony on Saturday 28th August, Kowloon Park.

    This may be a once is a life time opportunity to catcch Mestre Boneco live in Hong Kong! So don't miss it!

    For more detailed information of the event please visit: http://www.capoeira.hk/batizado5.html

    or feel free to call me (Sem Parar) on: 65067109

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  • Grew up in Adelaide, Australia, Rodney is all about living his dreams, and that´s why he´s battling it out in HK right now. To be on the silver screen doing the things he love....


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