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Top Features of New iWatch from Apple

Officially all know the latest Apple iWatch yet to be released in the market. But it is not called iWatch rather it is called just Apple Watch. Apple has been launching this amazing product in two sizes, three styles, and a spectrum of other options to choose from. Also there is a wide range of combinations so that you can check out the best iWatch that fits around your wrist and life. The new Apple Watch is all about health and fitness tracking purpose.

Design, Display & Build

Apple has created a Digital Crown, a small spinning dial on the other side of the watch to spin apps. Also the screen supports touch input. The new Apple Watch features a "force sensitivity", which can tell you how hard you're pressing. Meaning it can do all various functions with different levels of pressure you apply on the display.


Apple planned to retail three types of new featured Watch namely Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. All these models are available in two sizes such as 42mm and 38mm especially one for women and other for men. It also offers 6 different strap options, which enables users to switch around at their leisure.

It comes with a selection of six material finishes and colors and some are tied to specific models. The steel options are only for the Apple Watch Sport and gold for the Apple Watch Edition. There are a variety of strap options like a classic buckle design, traditional link bracelet, leather loop, plastic sports band and modern buckle design.

It has a square face with rounded edges, a dial and a button input. Wireless protocols allow the charging and data transfer uninterruptedly. There is ceramic back panel with sensors. All these types of new watch are water resistance.

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