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Lecturing at The Special Event!

The Special Event (TSE) is gonna be in my hometown and I will be lecturing at it… how cool is that? TSE will be in Phoenix Arizona this year. Although I usually tell people I am from SanFrancisco (moved there when I was 10) I was born in Phoenix and spent my early years in ...Read more

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In case you missed the CEI article, here it is (pre edit)…

The 5 R’s

  Anyone who has watched the cleanup after an event, knows just how large the carbon f...Read more

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Eventsasia 2010… The best event conference in Asia

Eventsasia 2010… Been meaning to tell you about it and this report is long over due, apologies but been flat out busy since then (not complaining just bragging a little)

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response to …Booking bands for music events … on linkedin “event managers around the world” group

Choosing a band… Corporate gig vs Public

Personally I have always leaned toward the booking for corporates and dreamt of being a promoter.

The downside of booking for a corporate gig is often...Read more

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ISESHK bringing the events community together.

ISESHK newsletter came out today … full version here…


Couple of highlights…. October 27th networking event at M1nT featuring showcases by:

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Invite for ISESHK Networking event Oct 27

So it seems free drinks weren’t enough… lord knows you can get drunk for free every night in this town and call it business. In order to make the “Monthly Meetups” more fun they now have more happening and are Bi-monthly… (Is that twice as fun or what?)

A...Read more

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Creative, Talented Professional Event Services.. In the Philippines?

I am sorry but the Philippines’ brand image just doesn’t really conjure images of a thriving creative service industry. Most of the PR we get in Asia (perhaps the rest of the world too) is; poor country, cheap travel, cheap beer, girls,...Read more

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Risk Management… when do you call the party off?

It’s been bothering me for a week now… I’ve been polling event people as well as laymen for mixed results.

Here is the case that got me thinking…


It seems one of the banks was recently holding a hospitality event for some the SIBO...Read more

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Why isn’t Hong Kong “The Event Capital of Asia”?

An increasing number of articles have been appearing in the papers lately criticizing the Hong Kong Government for their failings when it comes to facilitating special events in the SAR…

First the SCMP had the story of “event entrepreneurs taking their events to other cities” because of red tape and hassle getting liquor licenses and other permits from the police. Then The Standard ran the story of the harbourfestish Summer Splash at Asia World Arena criticizing the low turnout… I myself was asked by a...Read more

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Just what the web needs.. another blog

Just what the world needs… another viewpoint from someone ranting from their little corner of the world…

Well this one I hope to share musings thoughts and new “event stuff” in particular about Asia…

Although this is a new site – just migrated to WordPress.. I thought I would start off posting the entire my mediocre and miniscule (about 3 posts for over three years) old posts from the former blog “Eventlife”…

Let’s hope that “Event Musings” is more prolific..


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Glad to find other performers and artist... I\'m a magician with some circus skills although I hardly perform anymore as I am too busy producing live events.

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