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ordertaker/chop suey

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=_NrA28oo_ZQ who here has heard the song chopsuey by SOAD?


well herez a song made a while back here, parodizing the s0ng...

since most of yall cant speak tagalog..lemme just tell you..its filled with food as u can hear the words siopao, burger, adobo etc..♥

after all, chop suey is delixus!


Video: Read more

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remember global warming?

NASA warming scientist: 'This is the last chance'

today i saw on the featured news on yahoo this article about global warming...

i think people should really take some time to read it cuz..y not take 5 minutes of ur time to try and give a damn!?


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When im gone....

i may not be able to update in a while cuz skul starts tomorrow here and that means work....

only if i can compare skul and work... u dont get paid to go to skul ya know!?

so yeah...ill be missin yah guys...maybe i can check in once in a while but ill write blogs when sumthing comes up for sure!

If you look at my blogs...the first one i ever wrote was the last day of skul, man ill be seein their faces again! darn it..in a go0d way!...Read more

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ComeBack Entry...?

so i havent got the chance to write a blog anywhere these past few weeks... its was very tiring cuz we helped my m0m pack her things for LA... but anyway...here i am now and i'll fill you in on  what has happened...

May 9th...My Birthday

so they made cake for me, too cheap to bu...Read more

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n0t mY cloThing Line...

my godmother has been creating latin and ballroom costumes (also uniforms, casual wear...blah blah) for over 2 decades now and she has made her official website on it..

*ya'LL can go to www.mont-aire.com if ya want to see em...

same old same old kinda clothes

some pics there were taken about....2 years ago..some recent...

c0ol for her! mOst of the costuMes are used in performances and international c...Read more

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Summer Entry

got these pics from our private swimming trip,,,

this is the pool...doi!?

my dad..kinda looks like he's drownin ryt??

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nice sights,,,,,,,

just wanted to share some nice sites i saw on my way to MOA the weather was so nice and the clouds are so white....sigh if only we see these everyday... Read more

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Global Warming Warning...Take Notice Before It's Too Late

recently... i have watched a video of a man who speaks of global warming.. now i know that i am not normally a very planet conscious person, but  it made me realize a lot of things.

this rapid warming of our earth does not only mean hotter weathers, but also stronger and deadlier typhoons and hurricanes...

it has also destroyed so many beautiful sceneries like ice covered mountain tops and ice cold rivers,,

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I am a sophomore~no more

March 14, 2008..

These are da things we did..

basically..enjoy the remaining hours we can spend together..

it's not like it's good bye forever..just for 2 months..

but man, people are so emotional these days..

especially this particular person...

no names mentioned of course...

but i guess the person im gonna miss most is..___________

i hope that we'll; still be good friends next year...

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wanna love life.. =]

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