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adidas Original Quiz

I just took the Originality quiz, take a look at my results!
  Take the quiz too! or

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The Month of Love =)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! hope you had as much fun as i did =)

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Life's Ultimate Cheat Code †

...Up, down, left, right...

have you ever wished that life had some sort of cheat? a re-do or sumthing..a reset button to make things right again... well... although that may never happen..their is another way to clear things up in ur life when you are at the lowest pit of hell..

i've never really been much of a very ve...Read more

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What Do You Do On A Sleepless Night?

okay, so since the whole Bella Lullaby thing from twilight started out.. there have been a lot of people posting their own lullabys to share to others, stuff like that..

and even before this craze started, whenever i can't sleep at night or when i want to sleep but can't...i listen to this over and over again...just like a lullaby..dunno if it falls into that category cuz i got it out of an action movie so...

i call it Vhumm..but yeah its like my own lul...Read more

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meRRy xMas tO evEryOne :)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCb07gXx6kE

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUk0xpXJzM8 just wanna wish everyone a merry, jolly xmas this season

hope you share this holiday with your family, friends and loved one

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Youtube Twilight Review

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ly7lnPcZMp8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ly7lnPcZMp8

i wasnt really THAT excited to watch this movie

but when i did..I LOVED IT!

and this is a funny and truthful review on twilight..

if you havent seen the movie yet (GO WATCH IT!) SPOILER ALERT

although the entire movie was summarized in this review, the last 20 minutes of it wasn't revield so....


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...the beauty of my country...

it happened last oct. 16..

its true that when we see the philippines..like in manila..

not much beauty to see...other the gorgeous filipinas everywhere

but when you take the time to see all the nature it has to offer..man..

maybe this is why the spaniards, americans and the japanese tried to colonize the country not so long ago..

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Got Nothing To Do??

ok..we all have those moments..

you sit infront of your computer/laptop..

trying to find anything to do to pass the time..

well as i was making my mediocre magazine report..(yeah..we have book reports too..just more torture) i stumbled across a short article that i got one out of 8 reports!

its entitled For The Love Of Rice...

long story short..go to www.freerice.com

play a vocabulary,grammar,math,language,etc. game

and with each...Read more

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My Dream...

anyone else liked the anime ginban kaleidascope?

My Dream...needs more than just hard work..it needs money...lotzza money!!!

And i dont have lotzza money!


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heard of the 2 chinese boys?


heard of the 2 chinese boys catching more than 500,000 views over at youtube?

get ready for a new version that will rock ur screenz! haha!


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wanna love life.. =]

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