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Summer Getaway!

so on mother's day we went swimmin xD yey!

haha the place a bit far but def worth the trip...

it has really cool things there!!

amana resort located in pandi bulacan philippines

first thing i saw..Batman! on top of a wall xD haha protecting the resort!

then there was the wave pool...

u know po0ls with the man made wave xD haha really co0l that one...

cake! diabetic goodness!

me and my siz!

the cute lil guy from dragon ball z! forgot his name though...

majinbu...[spell check?] hehe..i like his cuter, chubbier form...!

yey! hand in hand with the white guy,,what's his name?

the temple in the sky...thing... =) gosh i suck at this naming...

last time i watched DB was when i was like 7!? hahahihihahaho Xp

the starz! goku...trunks? no? and vegeta!!

back on land its...da hulk!

spidey man! it really looks like he just leaped of the effin building..co0l!

then this guy...from spider man2  i think?

and at the end of the day..we went for some chinese food @ north park!

yang chow-ed till i dropped xD

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Photo 43083
Sugar rush by the slice!!! LOL ^^
almost 12 years ago
Photo 38197
His name is KURIRIN. Dragon Ball Z is a cartoon of very famous Japan.
almost 12 years ago
Photo 38197
Freeza! Very bad fellow. ..
almost 12 years ago
Zuzu 49 nec 1543
wo~! pool! swimming! This time is too cold to swim in Japan ~~~
almost 12 years ago


wanna love life.. =]

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