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EcoPark So Kewl

last sunday i went to an ecopark right here in the philippines..

and being a nature lover and wanna be environmentalist the place just gave me that overwhelming feeling....

the place was so beautiful and so very different from the city life.

life was everywhere and it's just indescribable =)

  solar powered transportation that runs up to 8 hours =)

why cant we use more of those?

La Mesa Ecopark =) no specific meaning on the La Mesa

just getting ready for the real thing =)

family fun..the best moment in ecopark--bonding

leaver xS couldn't ya wait ??

side step jump :p

haha took that for about 2 secs.

couldnt hold up for more than that...

weakling i am such a

tree climbers


it would be so much more challenging if there are 5ft. crocs swimmin there.. haha =)

The End Save the Earth R-R-R Go Green

Be Clean

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Saw one of these on the Planet Green Channel ~ it's one of the Discovery Channels ~ website is ... http://planetgreen.discovery.com/
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wanna love life.. =]

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