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...The Hands of Jesus....

so recently we went to a lot of churches here in the philippines bcoz of my sick aunt w/ u know what... thanks everyone for those who hoped for the best..and a few weeks ago we found out that her sickness was only at the first stage so... Thank God for that...!

and there was one place we went just recently...like...yesterday haha =p

it's called KAMAY NI HESUS which means the HANDS OF JESUS

the place is more or less 6 hours drive from manila[where we live], we woke up 3am for this trip and got there around 8am.

many devoted catholics go there and make a sort of sacrifice to god by walking i think...more than 200 steps up to the big statue of god...

that the mountain and there are stairs on the side of it...

so there are statues along the middle of the mountain going up..this is made for the station of the cross thing...

after a long and tiring walk up, the reward-the beautiful scenery at the very top...

so that ends our day there... got some other cute pics along the way ;p

soo cuute Xp i nvr had a cat b4..

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Nice pix ~ good way to spend the day ~ outdoors worshipping our Lord and Saviour in His Father's creation :)
almost 12 years ago
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are u from Quezon? It's my hometown =)
almost 12 years ago


wanna love life.. =]

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