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  • Truly Sad Yet So Remarkable

    Sunday, Jun 21, 2009 4:06PM / Members only

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Got the story from http://www.ocregister.com/articles/pixar-up-movie-2468059-home-show~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    so i opened my yahoo mail
    checked some msgs then signed out...
    at the yahoo homepage i saw this
    featured story that is truly....saddening

    Pixar grants girl's dying wish to see 'Up'

    HUNTINGTON BEACH – Colby Curtin, a 10-year-old with a rare form of cancer, was staying alive for one thing – a movie.

    From the minute Colby saw the previews to the Disney-Pixar movie Up, she was desperate to see it. Colby had been diagnosed with vascular cancer about three years ago, said her mother, Lisa Curtin, and at the beginning of this month it became apparent that she would die soon and was too ill to be moved to a theater to see the film.

    After a family friend made frantic calls to Pixar to help grant Colby her dying wish, Pixar came to the rescue.

    The company flew an employee with a DVD of Up, which is only in theaters, to the Curtins’ Huntington Beach home on June 10 for a private viewing of the movie.

    The animated movie begins with scenes showing the evolution of a relationship between a husband and wife. After losing his wife in old age, the now grumpy man deals with his loss by attaching thousands of balloons to his house, flying into the sky, and going on an adventure with a little boy.

    Colby died about seven hours after seeing the film.

    With her daughter’s vigil planned for Friday, Lisa Curtin reflected about how grateful she is that Pixar – and "Up" – were a part of her only child’s last day.

    “When I watched it, I had really no idea about the content of the theme of the movie,” said Curtin, 46. “I just know that word ‘Up’ and all of the balloons and I swear to you, for me it meant that (Colby) was going to go up. Up to heaven.”

    Pixar officials declined to comment on the story or name the employees involved.


    Colby was diagnosed with vascular cancer on Dec. 23, 2005 after doctors found a tumor in her liver. At the time of her death, her stomach was about 94 inches around, swollen with fluids the cancer wouldn’t let her body properly digest. The rest of her body probably weighed about 45 pounds, family friend Carole Lynch said.

    Colby had gone to Newport Elementary School and was known for making others laugh, family friend Terrell Orum-Moore said. Colby loved to dance, sing, swim and seemed to have a more mature understanding of the world than other children her age, Orum-Moore said.

    On April 28, Colby went to see the Dream Works 3-D movie "Monsters Vs. Aliens" but was impressed by the previews to "Up."

    “It was from then on, she said, ‘I have to see that movie. It is so cool,’” Lynch said.

    Colby was a movie fan, Lisa Curtin said, and she latched onto Pixar’s movies because she loved animals.

    Two days later Colby’s health began to worsen. On June 4 her mother asked a hospice company to bring a wheelchair for Colby so she could visit a theater to see "Up." However, the weekend went by and the wheelchair was not delivered, Lisa Curtin said.

    By June 9, Colby could no longer be transported to a theater and her family feared she would die without having seen the movie.

    At that point, Orum-Moore, who desperately wanted Colby to get her last wish, began to cold-call Pixar and Disney to see if someone could help.

    Pixar has an automated telephone answering system, Orum-Moore said, and unless she had a name of a specific person she wanted to speak to, she could not get through. Orum-Moore guessed a name and the computer system transferred her to someone who could help, she said.

    Pixar officials listened to Colby’s story and agreed to send someone to Colby’s house the next day with a DVD of "Up," Orum-Moore recalled.

    She immediately called Lisa Curtin, who told Colby.

    “Do you think you can hang on?” Colby’s mother said.

    I’m ready (to die), but I’m going to wait for the movie,” the girl replied.


    At about 12:30 p.m. the Pixar employee came to the Curtins’ home with the DVD.

    He had a bag of stuffed animals of characters in the movie and a movie poster. He shared some quirky background details of the movie and the group settled in to watch Up.

    Colby couldn't see the screen because the pain kept her eyes closed so her mother gave her a play-by-play of the film.

    At the end of the film, the mother asked if her daughter enjoyed the movie and Colby nodded yes, Lisa Curtin said.

    The employee left after the movie, taking the DVD with him, Lynch said.

    “He couldn’t have been nicer,” said Lynch who watched the movie with the family. “His eyes were just welled up.

    After the movie, Colby’s dad, Michael Curtin, who is divorced from Lisa Curtin, came to visit.

    Colby died with her mom and dad nearby at 9:20 p.m.

    Among the Up memorabilia the employee gave Colby was an “adventure book” – a scrap book the main character’s wife used to chronicle her journeys.

    “I’ll have to fill those adventures in for her,” Lisa Curtin said.

    Hope she is in a good place

    Up in the clouds ....

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  • EcoPark So Kewl

    Monday, Jun 15, 2009 9:22PM / Members only

    last sunday i went to an ecopark right here in the philippines..
    and being a nature lover and wanna be environmentalist the place just gave me that overwhelming feeling....
    the place was so beautiful and so very different from the city life.
    life was everywhere and it's just indescribable =)

    solar powered transportation that runs up to 8 hours =)
    why cant we use more of those?

    La Mesa Ecopark =) no specific meaning on the La Mesa

    just getting ready for the real thing =)

    family fun..the best moment in ecopark--bonding

    leaver xS couldn't ya wait ??

    side step jump :p

    haha took that for about 2 secs.
    couldnt hold up for more than that...
    weakling i am such a

    tree climbers

    it would be so much more challenging if there are 5ft. crocs swimmin there.. haha =)

    The End
    Save the Earth

    Go Green
    Be Clean

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  • Summer Getaway!

    Thursday, May 14, 2009 8:14PM / Members only

    so on mother's day we went swimmin xD yey!
    haha the place a bit far but def worth the trip...
    it has really cool things there!!

    amana resort located in pandi bulacan philippines

    first thing i saw..Batman! on top of a wall xD haha protecting the resort!

    then there was the wave pool...
    u know po0ls with the man made wave xD haha really co0l that one...

    cake! diabetic goodness!

    me and my siz!

    the cute lil guy from dragon ball z! forgot his name though...

    majinbu...[spell check?] hehe..i like his cuter, chubbier form...!

    yey! hand in hand with the white guy,,what's his name?

    the temple in the sky...thing... =) gosh i suck at this naming...
    last time i watched DB was when i was like 7!? hahahihihahaho Xp

    the starz! goku...trunks? no? and vegeta!!

    back on land its...da hulk!

    spidey man! it really looks like he just leaped of the effin building..co0l!

    then this guy...from spider man2  i think?

    and at the end of the day..we went for some chinese food @ north park!
    yang chow-ed till i dropped xD

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  • ...The Journey To Find Myself...

    Tuesday, May 5, 2009 4:58PM / Members only

    I've always been sayin that i am who i am and that i wont change for anyone unless i do it unknowingly... and i've always said that i am proud of who i am and that im not a faker, who you see is the real me... but after much thought... i have got no personality of my own.. i just get it from whoever i meet...is that me?
     i havent figured that out till a few days ago...

    so there i was sitting at the back of the van on our way to lucban, going to kamay ni hesus...w/c was in my previous blog. the long hours made me think about who i really am...
    that's cuz my 16th bday is comin up..i know-still young....got lots to learn and im willin to learn em... =)

    im really scared actually... thats cuz im gonna be a senior, soon going to college, have to get a part time job, have to grow up....*eff* im just not ready for it... i get so anxious when i think about having to do things my way, kinda just breaking away from this little kid that always hid behind her parents... im so not independent...

    but anyway...who am i???
    ive been influenced mostly by the chinese/taiwanese culture even though im not chinese/taiwanese.. not even close... got a few drops of french blood on me..but not of the chinese family.. basically that's me... just trying to act cool but lookin like a fo0l...

    so one night...after i felt that God had left me, memories started to creep in...bad, bad memories...
    memories that i wish i could erase, things i wish i could re-do..... things i regret doing.
    and stupid things that i did juz cuz i wanted to be just like everyone else... teenage jealousy sucks...
    i've made a lot of bad choices that ive regret over the years... somehow these memories didnt stop.. i tried to stop thinking about it, but its got stuck there somehow, haunting me...
    i felt my heart heavy and nervous.. kinda like the feeling when u were a kid and u know u about to get some spankin from ur mom...
    i drove me crazy!!!

    so i felt defeated and prayed to god.... even though i kinda felt bad cuz i thought he abandoned me...[sumthin happened that day that really made me explode so...]
    but just when i did..out of nowhere i started cryin like an actress on a bad telenovela....
    i just told him... God, just help me get through this and help me get back on the right path and i dont wanna do this anymore..i love my mom and my family and i just cant take it anymore, i need ur help.... [or sumthin like that]

    after that like 10min prayer..that longest prayer ive done...i know WEEAAAKKK...my  heart felt all better,,,

    so through that and the back of the van thing.. i was able to sum up who i am and through this blog i will be able to read it again sumday so that when i get lost along the way... i know how get right back on track.....!

    *i am almost 16 at the moment...just a few more days.... young but hopefully mature enough to make the right choices..
    *pure filipino and proud of it!
    *grew up in a pretty normal family.. got no heart warming stories of struggles to survive
    *computer geek and photoshop slave [willin to photoshop anything...ahha]
    *into Cpop although most people & most of my friends are into Jpop...[got singled out here =D]
    *obsessed about Vanness and Da Zui Ba [addicted to others but not obsessed]
    *i wanna go back to HK and go see Taipei
    *joined aNd cuz of Vann
    *tryin...trying hard not to be vain
    *scared to death with the words GROW UP
    *not much talent...cant sing well enough, cant draw well enough, cant dance well enough...
    hmm..i can solve a rubiks cube in 1min30..that's talent i guess xD
    *wanna learn chinese and korean
    *not the most devoted catholic, but trying
    *wanna learn so much but got no funds to do it...[sometimes internet helps]

    yeah basically thats it ill try to keep addin when i realize it....

    so..who are you??

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  • ...The Hands of Jesus....

    Sunday, May 3, 2009 11:12PM / Members only

    so recently we went to a lot of churches here in the philippines bcoz of my sick aunt w/ u know what... thanks everyone for those who hoped for the best..and a few weeks ago we found out that her sickness was only at the first stage so...Thank God for that...!

    and there was one place we went just recently...like...yesterday haha =p
    it's called KAMAY NI HESUS which means the HANDS OF JESUS
    the place is more or less 6 hours drive from manila[where we live], we woke up 3am for this trip and got there around 8am.

    many devoted catholics go there and make a sort of sacrifice to god by walking i think...more than 200 steps up to the big statue of god...

    that the mountain and there are stairs on the side of it...

    so there are statues along the middle of the mountain going up..this is made for the station of the cross thing...

    after a long and tiring walk up, the reward-the beautiful scenery at the very top...

    so that ends our day there... got some other cute pics along the way ;p

    soo cuute Xp i nvr had a cat b4..

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