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  • Most Effective Penis Extender

    Saturday, Jan 19, 2013 11:26PM / Standard Entry / Members only

    For a majority of men - size matters. If you feel like your penis size doesn't measure up, success can be found in non-surgical enlargement techniques, as cited in a recent study by Italian researchers. A peer review of 136 studies published between 2000 and 2009 involving more than 1100 men found that penis extenders were the most effective non-invasive method. 

    Comparison of top brands can be found at http://best-penis-extenders.net | penis extender review.

    The men ranging in age from 24 to 56 were tracked from three to sixteen months.

    Published in the April issue of The British Journal of Urology International, Dr. Paulo Gontario cautioned that the safest surgery -which cuts the suspensory ligament of the penis to lengthen it - often yields poor results.

    "All surgical procedures aimed to increase the penile girth should be considered unsafe, leading to potentially poor cosmetic and functional results. " Gontario added. "I have come across such cases that I had to re-operate in order to remove additive substances injected into the penis."

    How an Extender Works

    Penis extenders work through the use of continual, direct tension on the cells of the penis. By stretching the penis away from the body, cellular division takes place. Overtime the cells in the penis divide which resulting in increase length and girth. For best results the penis extender should be worn for several hours a day for a six month period with tension adjustments as needed. Over time, the penis may stretch from one to three inches in length, with girth also being added. Some men report an increase after only a week.

    Penis Extenders vs. Pills

    Pills are another common option for men seeking a larger penis. If you’re trying to decide whether to go with pills or a penis extender, it’s important to compare the two. One of the main benefits of the extender is that you don’t have to worry about side effects. Some of the ingredients in pills can cause side effects but there are none to worry about with the extending devices. It’s also important to consider that no clinical data exists to show that penis enlargement pills actually work. However, science does back up the claims made by companies that make extenders.

    Choosing the Best Product

    It’s important to look for good customer testimonials, quality reviews on a product, product guarantee and the science backing a product. The extenders offered by X4 Labs are considered some of the best on the market. Their website offers excellent testimonials from customers, you’ll find good reviews when searching online and they offer an excellent guarantee. You’ll also find that their website offers clinical trial information to back up the science behind their devices.

    Criteria for the Best

    In order to be able to purchase the best penis extender, it is important to look at a few criteria which would actually define one as being among the best.

    The extender should be one produced by a name brand that has established itself as offering quality penis extenders to the market. There are quite a few name brands which are known to be among the top models to select. The name brands include those offered by X4 Labs and Size Genetics among others.

    Look towards selecting those extenders that have been given good reviews in the consumer market. Quality penis extenders will be those that receive good customer reviews and testimonials. That said, you do have to be very diligent when you are reading this reviews. You do not want to make the mistake of falling for a review that has been faked.

    The quality of the extender should include the materials used to make the actual extender. There are models, for example, made of plastic. Others will have a shoelace style noose used. Extenders made with such low quality materials are likely not the best by any means. Generally, low quality extenders will be made with low quality materials.

    The best penis extender will also be one that meets the consumer's personal comfort level. Wearing the device might be discomforting. A high quality extender will generally be a more comfortable one.


    The best device on the market might come with a higher price than the average cost of an extender. While the price might be higher, it is likely worth it. Again, you do want the extender to work effectively and the higher quality models are more likely to do this.

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