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How Your Bigcommerce Product Listing Can Survive The New Wave Of Retail Competition [2018]

eCommerce is a widespread phenomenon now, with online store owners selling over a variety of platforms. No doubt the competition is getting tougher with such a huge presence of online stores and sellers on online retail platforms. This saturation of online selling has made it important for merchants to find a different route to survival, the one their competitors are yet to take. Else there needs to be an efficient strategy that neutralizes the influence of other market contemporaries and puts an online store in a stable position.

Here are this year’s tips for of the BigCommerce product listing owners to keep their businesses in momentum and stability. 

Building an online community  
As marketing is transforming towards a more personalized way, giving some space to audiences for their opinions is also becoming equally important. Although one can argue that reviews do the same, but instead of instant audience verdicts (which are important too) there has to be a place to discuss with your audiences, to take inputs about things that matter to them and how improvements can be made. Social Media and online forums are fundamental to creating your own community, where problems are solved and new ideas are heard eagerly. For instance store owners can guide their users easily about things that non-tech savvy owners struggle with like BigCommerce inventory management or addressing grievances and complaints in a moderated environment.  

Selling your BigCommerce via Amazon  
Amazon is a huge platform with numerous opportunities for retailers but a lot of effort is required to make a listing revenue ready. The good part however is that both of your Amazon and BigCommerce product listing can be simultaneously managed to perfection. For BigCommerce store owners leveraging the Amazon platform is more simplified. So it is a good idea to start selling on Amazon too without having to worry about maintaining your both listings separately. Also as recent trends have been suggesting, Amazon will play an important role in rise of countless online stores this year. Also just at the brink of the holiday eve, Amazon had extended its online retail services to Australia, which had turned out to be its biggest launch ever. 

Customizing your BigCommerce store  
To engage with customers to a better extent, store owners have to take their Bigcommerce product listing a step further, be it in terms of design, prices or product selections. Personalization is what customers want from their online experience and what businesses strive to provide. According to Monetate, “79% of organizations that exceeded revenue goals have a documented personalization strategy”. There is no reason why online store owners should hold back from creating a personalized strategy tailored according to their audiences. It is always better to know your audience and their preferences and make sure that your inventory management efforts are flexible enough to accommodate products suited to different segments of audiences. 

To conclude, any BigCommerce store owner needs to accurately assess the flow of the market and align themselves with it, these practices can be helpful to achieve both returns and a stabilized market presence. 

Quiktek info is an eCommerce support services organization that facilitates growth of online stores worldwide. For any further information or inquiries contact us at mail@quiktekinfo.com 

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