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Sweet Square


Recently, my coworker discovered Sweet Squares the website. SS sells sweet dessert bars. Since they are located in West LA and deliver for free within a 5 mile radius, we decided to order a dozen to try it out one Friday afternoon. The flavor that we picked was s'mores. It did not disappoint. The petite squares arrived in a perfectly cute brown box and it looked way too sweet to be edible. Thankfully, it was not. After eating a full square, it didn't leave me feeling like I should go run on the treadmill for 2 hrs to burn off the calories. Since I had a birthday bbq to go to the following weekend, I decided to to order some to share. Between my coworker and I, we bought a dozen of each - s'mores, peanut butter & jelly, monkey bars, and toffee brownies. I like the s'mores and peanut butter & jelly bars, but I think I could do without the monkey bars and toffee brownies. OMG! Too sweet. Ever had a taste of something that is too sweet or too salty and felt like your blood or heart immediately starts pumping a little faster? Well it was that sweet. So I guess the next time I order from Sweet Squares, it'll still be s'mores and peanut butter & jelly for me.

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This seems like a nice way to have a taste without having to eat a whole slice or serving of some dessert. Nonetheless....each itty bitty square probably has enough calories to knock you off any diet plan.
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Like multi-flavored brownies. I'd take a bite out of all of the flavors. =)
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Interesting, looks like will give u a super high sugar rush
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oh... looks very sweet... hahaa...
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yeah, i know that feeling... eek, so many calories? i wonder if they have low fat brownies? teehee... perhaps PB and jelly will do. ;)
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