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    Friday, May 9, 2008 1:05PM / Standard Album / Members only
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  • jacishere
    posted on Thursday, Sep 3, 2009 1:02AM [Report]
    This is so pretty, different than you usual drawings.  
  • jacishere
    posted on Thursday, Sep 3, 2009 1:01AM [Report]
    This is so cool! ^_^
  • enigma306
    posted on Sunday, Feb 15, 2009 7:02AM [Report]
    I've seen your work as people's avis and of course all the ones Justin's posted. This really different. Dark, even for Batman.  I like it.
  • justicevancho
    Official artist 
    posted on Friday, Jan 2, 2009 10:11PM [Report]
    Dang I dont know if I ever even saw this one.  Haha cool, thanks again Reni.
  • torpedogang
    posted on Monday, Dec 15, 2008 9:30AM [Report]
    hahahha...u look like ur in bliss....wheres the monkey? =P
  • wafflelicious
    posted on Monday, Dec 15, 2008 7:12AM [Report]
    my fave of raul!! awww, look at them nipples...haha....
  • andy_lau_spain
    posted on Sunday, Dec 14, 2008 11:37PM [Report]
    it seems this pic became popular =p
  • elle
    posted on Saturday, Dec 6, 2008 1:12AM [Report]
    You made everyone look so good yet this one still my favorite....the mysteries :)
  • ranee0412
    posted on Saturday, Nov 22, 2008 5:34PM [Report]
    lol~this one is my most favorite!
  • wafflelicious
    posted on Monday, Nov 3, 2008 8:34PM [Report]
    hahahha....they remind me of 'lap but siu sun' comics...(couldn't find the chinese for it...kekeke..) know which one i mean ma?
  • Nitsy
    posted on Friday, Oct 31, 2008 8:37PM [Report]
    hah, i knew this was Raul when I saw a small size image of it lol
  • kitmaywong
    posted on Sunday, Oct 12, 2008 10:06AM [Report]
    LOL this is the funny version of Raul!!!
  • shannlarsson
    Official artist 
    posted on Saturday, Oct 11, 2008 1:01PM [Report]
    nice! looks exactly like him!
  • medo56
    posted on Friday, Sep 26, 2008 7:09AM [Report]
  • medo56
    posted on Friday, Sep 26, 2008 7:09AM [Report]
  • serene
    posted on Tuesday, Sep 2, 2008 1:43AM [Report]
    awww. i didn't know you draw such cute portraits! :)
  • CrimsonTiger15
    posted on Tuesday, Aug 19, 2008 12:05PM [Report]
    OHOH thats so awesome Reni
  • zhaojess21
    posted on Sunday, Aug 17, 2008 12:52PM [Report]
  • iloveyou
    posted on Friday, Jun 6, 2008 4:58PM [Report]
    My Pal~
  • agnes82
    posted on Thursday, Jun 5, 2008 7:51PM [Report]
    WoW, Raul is popular~~~u r really humourous, Reni
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