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Red Bull Curates Canvas Cooler HK - Aug 7th!

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Red Bull King of the Rock - HK & Macau Final (20 July)

Come & enjoy the excitement of 1-on-1 basketball by the top 64 local players!!

Final winner will represent HK & Macau to compete in World Final, happening September in Alcatraz (Prison Island, US).

Hope to see you this Sat :)

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1st Red Bull Dragon Roar!

Come to witness the 1st Red Bull Dragon Roar - a brand new concept ofDragon Boat obstacle race!

40 teams pick up the challenge, only 1 team can take the glory!!

Event starts at 9am on Saturday July 6, knock-out semi-finals/final at 4pm.

Check out more

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Outsign Lab Crowned as Soapbox Race Champion in Hong Kong’s Craziest Day Out

[October 14, 2012 – Hong Kong] –Hong Kong’s 1 st Red Bull Soapbox Race saw locals Ying Kit Kwok, Po Sing Chan, Man Ho Law and Tim Wong from Team Outsign Lab crownedas Hong Kong’s 1stRed Bull Soapbox Race Champion in a day that will be remembered for its colour, crowds and above all creativity as competitors battled it out in their home made constructions that encompassed everything from the sublime to the ridiculous and most things in between.

Top scoring with 121 points out of the 150 available the Mexico Skull inspired soapbox, together with its skilled pilot, struck the perfect balance between speed, creativity and showmanship, as they careered down the 372 meter Shatin race track to the appreciation of more than 35,000 spectators who came to witness the Red Bull spectacular.

The event had been billed as Hong Kong’s craziest day out and the speed junkies, party-goers, friends and families that made their way to Shatin certainly weren’t left disappointed as they witnessed crashes, rolls and in one case, complete vehicle disintegration as the man-powered soapboxes made their way down the twisting and bumpy track.

Speaking at the prize presentation ceremony, the orange skeleton clad Ying Kit Kwok said, “I can’t tell you how happy I am to win the 1 st Red Bull Soapbox Race in Hong Kong, it feels amazing! We worked so long on the design and the costumes and didn’t finish it until after 2 o’clock this morning. But it worked out and it’s been brilliant fun. I’ll definitely be back next year – I don’t know what as, but I’ve got a few ideas already.”

With an equal 50 points on offer for creativity, showmanship and speed, Outsign Lab scored 121 points to bag the winners prize, consisting of a trip to the Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix complete with Paddock Tour and the chance to meet Formula 3 racing driver Carlos Sainz.

A mere 2 points behind in 2 nd place was team Heroes in a Half Shell in their ninja turtle inspired design who win a trip for two to Taiwan to witness Red Bull Kart Fight, and in 3 rd place, team The Cave in their hospital inspired soapbox who win a Go-Kart experience in mainland China.

But in a day in which Hong Kong’s flair, creativity and exhibitionism showed itself, the true stars of the show were the soapbox designs which caused the crowds unlimted pleasure and amusement.

One of the highlights of the afternoon has to go to team銀芽!銀芽!熱狗. Barely a barrier went unscathed on the racetrack as they pin-balled their way down in their Mahjong soapbox. Two thirds of the way down, and within sight of the finishing line, the unfortunate soapbox decided enough was enough, as wheels and chassis separated, leaving pilot and crew sprawled over the tarmac. In a determined effort to make the finish line, the vehicle remnants were discarded as the competitors ran the final stretch to the finish line and bowed to the applause of the on-lookers.

One spectator who had made the trip down from Tsuen Wan commented, “This is just crazy – I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything quite so hilarious in all my life. Everyone’s put so much into it with the designs and the costumes – it’s just brilliant. There’s such a cool atmosphere here and everyone just seems to be having so much fun.”

They weren’t the only ones to enjoy the day out, as a number of the great and good from the Hong Kong social scene were spotted trackside, including the likes of Jocelyn and Anthony Luko-Sandstrom. And with Lawrence K.K. YU (余錦基太平紳士) manning the microphone throughout the day and a judging panel that included Kevin Poon and Eddy Tan, there was no shortage of star-dust to add some glitter.

A human powered downhill race, the Red Bull Soapbox was co-organised by the energy drink giant together with the Hong Kong Automobile Association and saw 45 teams shortlisted for the start line from over 150 initial participant team applications. The race demands courage, skill and creativity from all who compete..

For more details please If missed this fabulous event, you can watch it on Channel V on 28th of October 10pm.

List of Results:First Prize:                                            Outsign Lab

Second Prize:                                     Heroes in a Half Shell

Third Prize:                                           The Cave 

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AnD's Soap Box team was out in force at the Team Garage last night!   Our team members, the Start From Zero crew did a special live graffiti performance at the 1st Red Bull Soapbox Race 鬼馬飛車 Team Garage in Shatin.  In fact their canvas was a full sized Mini Cooper!


Here's AnD's timelapse video:


And a bonus Viddy -


Here's the official press release:

Stage Set for Shatin Showdown in Inaugural Red Bull Hong Kong Soapbox Race this Sunday

[October 10, 2012 – Hong Kong SAR] With just four days separating competitors in the 1st Red Bull Hong Kong Soapbox Race from their date with destiny, the Red Bull Soapbox Garage opened its doors to the public since last Friday to reveal some of the creations that will line up on the Shatin start-line this Sunday.

Race organisers also welcomed a host of talent in the form of athletes, judges and artists to the preview which included a surprise appearance from Red Bull Athlete - Pro BMX Rider Daniel Dhers from Venezuela who passed on words of encouragement to participating teams, as well as a live art performance on a Red Bull X Mini Cooper by renowned local street artist Start from Zero.

The day showcased the creative diversity of the designs appearing in the inaugural race which is being billed Hong Kong’s craziest day out, which will see some of the city’s bravest and craziest drivers head down the hillside descent in the wackiest home-built vehicles in a quest to be crowned Red Bull Soapbox Race Champion.

One of main selection criteria for the 150 plus designs submitted by race hopefuls, was creativity and the 48 teams that have made the short list certainly haven’t disappointed. Spectators can expect to see soapboxes depicting everything from fishball soup to Chinese literary classics in the car designs that show-boat their way down the Shatin racetrack this Sunday. Others have chosen to make a more political statement, depicting the SAR’s new Chief Executive in the design while another team favours a mad dash down the hill in the company of zombies and vampires.

All 48 teams competing in the race have had the opportunity to make use of the equipment and expertise on offer at the Red Bull Soapbox Garage in Shatin to ensure that their design master-pieces don’t just remain exactly that, but make the transition from the drawing board into fully functional and roadworthy machines.

Local street artist “ Start from Zero”, commented, “It’s a pretty crazy event but it’s a great way of showing the creativity that is all around us here in Hong Kong and that’s important. We need more challengers on the street who are prepared to stand up for what they believe in and fight with the billboards.”

“Our inspiration comes from the cultural fusion between east and west and the high speed of life which is why our art is always done in the fastest way possible. We love expressing our attitude to life to the people on the street without boundaries or limitations. There’s a real synergy between Start from Zero and the Red Bull Soapbox Race. It’s about expressing yourself in a completely different way by creating something that you feel passionate about and I think that’s very powerful,” he continued.

Start from Zero, who is one of the 48 teams to join the Soapbox race on Sunday, treated participants to a live art performance on a Mini Cooper to be displayed on race-day. Speaking about the design, he said, “We like the whole pin-stripe look so tried to mix stencil with old school tattoo and pin-striping elements on the design – I think it looks kind of cool.”

Organisers also announced a host of judging talent for the ticket-free event, whose job it will be to decide on the stars of the day. Confirmed judges include Wesley Wan, president of FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) Asia Zone; celebrity model Jocelyn Luko-Sandstrom; Kevin Poon, co-owner of Clot; Eddy Tan, GM/VP of Channel V International, Star World and FOX International; and Fong Shing Yee, winner of Red Bull King of the Rock 2012 (Hong Kong & Macau); as well as Mr Lawrence K.K. Yu, BBS, MBE, JP (余錦基太平紳士) who will be one of the prize presenters.

Teams will be judged on creativity, showmanship and speed, with 50 points on offer for each of the three criteria, so it won’t just be about how quickly teams make it down the twisting race track, but more about the style in which they do it.

The highest scoring team will win a trip to the Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix including an exclusive Red Bull Paddock tour and the opportunity to meet Formula 3 Racing driver Carlos Sainz.

A human powered downhill race, the Red Bull Soapbox requires courage, skill and creativity from all who compete on the 372m course. With no driving license required, the exhibition event will be contested by a combination of racing fanatics, absolute beginners and out-and-out exhibitionists.

The 1st Red Bull Hong Kong Soapbox Race takes place at 3pm on Sunday 14th October in Shatin and is free to attend. Spectators can expect a day of high drama including crashes, rolls and a lot of show-boating in what promises to be a great day out for friends and families.

For more details please visit

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Red Bull Soap Box Hong Kong 2012 - Garage Opening Briefing

On Friday Night Red Bull HK officially opened the garage space for the Oct 14th Soap Box Race! 

Here's some pictures from's team:

prebriefing, the teams arrive.

Red Bull's can car!

Some of the promo carts made for the pre-race PR campaign.

Some teams were already working on their cars...

HKU team doing interviews

The briefing starts

What? Jump? what? :-O

Can't wait to see how the various cars end up turning out! We'll know in a week - Sunday Oct 14th at To Shek Street in Shatin!  10月14日 (星期日) 約定你喺「沙田多石街」見,一齊投入Red Bull Soapbox Race「鬼馬飛車」! 喺免費入場架!

Don't forget to RSVP -

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F1 Dragon Run Pictures and Blogs on

Here's some of the coverage on of June 18th's first ever F1 car run on the streets of Hong Kong!

Raven Hanson - Blog -

Wing Liu - Photo Album -

Etchy -  Blog -

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Red Bull Dragon Run - F1 Comes to Hong Kong

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Red Bull BC1 Hong Kong

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Re: Red Bull Flugtag Hong Kong 2010 on National Geographic Channel (Sunday, 9 January 7 pm and Monday, 10 January 6 pm)

The first Red Bull Flugtag in Asia flew through Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour in42 creative gravity-defying human-powered flying machines.More than 30,000 Hong Kongers came out in force, lining up the banks along West Kowloon Heliport to cheer on their fearless aviators take off a 6-metre ramp and into the Hong Kong Harbour!

Start your new year by re-living this aviation moment onNational Geographic Channel on Sunday, 9 January 7 pm and Monday, 10 January 6 pm!(available over 4 cable operators - Cable TV Channel 52, Now TV Channel 215, TVB Pay Vision Channel 66, Hong Kong Broadband TV Channel 306)

See team internet sensation Dreamsbond, with their Power Rangers flying machine, take home the winners trophy and the coveted title of the winner of the Red Bull Flugtag Hong Kong 2010 and the first Red Bull Flugtag in Asia! Watch teams Give Kung Fu Wings, Special Moments and Donut's Papa gain wings with their creative juices, wit, invention and aviator’s spirit.About

Flug what?? Flugtag (pronounced floog-tag; noun) Flugtag, or “flying day” in German, dares creative individuals to pilot their homemade flying machines off a 6-meter high ramp and into the blue yonder – or, as is more often the case, directly into the waters below. This year, on 10th October 2010 at the West Kowloon Heliport, the first Red Bull Flugtag in Asia Pacific is taking off in Hong Kong!

A 6 meter high by 30 meter long launching ramp is constructed upon a barge anchored next to the bay. Competitors access the take off ramp via a long bridge. Held in dozens of countries around the world, the Red Bull Flugtag always gathers thousands of spectators; offering a mix of invention, wit, and competition, against the backdrop of the city’s famous shore and sky line.

The West Kowloon Heliport, located at the southern tip of the West Kowloon Reclamation is a seafront location which looks on to a gorgeous view of the horizon across the harbour, with more than enough space for the ‘pilots’ imaginations to run wild. It is apt that flying day is planned for the helipad and is bound to inspire all sorts of aerial gimmicks.

Teams of up to four members (including one pilot) are required to build a flying device and launch them off a six metre ramp into the Hong Kong Harbour. Each team will be judged on three criteria: distance, creativity and showmanship. While the sky may be the limit on creativity, there are still a few flight regulations. First off, all flying machines must be entirely human-powered (no external energy sources or stored power). Second, no matter what they say, size does matter – all crafts must be less than 9 metres wide and must weigh no more than 200 kgs (including the pilot).

The first Red Bull Flugtag, a free spectator event, took place in Vienna, Austria, in 1991. Since then, more than 80 Flugtag events have been held around the world, from Ireland to San Francisco. The largest crowd to date was in the U.K.’s Hyde Park which hit capacity with over 250,000 spectators, a feat last accomplished by the Rolling Stones in 1969. Though no pilots have ever managed to keep their feathers dry, there have been some impressive flights in Flugtag history. The record for the farthest flight to date currently stands at 207 feet recently set in Minneapolis in July 2010. The previous Red Bull Flugtag world record before that held on strong for more than 10 years! ||

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