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Life in jail

A serious of crazy life in jail animation! Enjoy!

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How observent are you?

The following test was sent by my new boss. I guess he wanted to find out if we are retarded. Haha! Anyway, I didn't pass. Maybe you can do it. Enjoy!Read out loud the text inside the triangle below. More than likely you said, 'A bird in the bush,' and........if this IS what YOU said, then you failed to seethat the word THE is repeated twice!

Next, let's play with some words.What do you see?

In black you can read the word GOOD, in white the word EVIL (inside each black letter is a white letter). It's all very physiological too, because it visualize the concept that good can't exist without evil (or the absence of good is evil ).

On the other hand, what's the angel inside you?

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Sharapova The Giant

I met with Sharapova the tennis champ last week, which made me felt so tiny. She is one of the image girls for my brand and came to Hong Kong for an autograph event. Standing next to her made me felt so tiny 'cos she is about 6 foot tall and wore a killer heel about 5 inches. Man! I am only 5 foot 2, felt like a baby next to her. So I decided not to take any picture with her just to make myself feel better. Haha! I ended up having pics like something downloaded from the internet.

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What's wrong with us?

I think there must be something wrong with my loved ones ! Probably need exorcism! One of my best friends has been staying on a bed without touching the ground for a couple of days, now hospitalized waiting for an operation. In fact, it's quite a serious one. It makes me so worried!!! I wish I could be there and take care of my best friend.

Another best friend's suffering from severe back pain. She visited a Chinese Doc and went thru the most painful physio and stayed home for a week. She showed me those pics with needles on her back while being stretched by the doc. That's scary! The third one is my sis. She suffered from high fever and took 2 days off from work. While she was sick, I slept on the sofa and woke up at night to take care of my dear sis, just to make sure she was still alive! Now I am in back pain after sleeping on the sofa. But I am sure it will be gone soon.

Wish all of you good health forever!!!

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Are you on hatebook?

I guess everyone has been invited by friends from the Facebook .  I found a site called " the hatebook" which copies the facebook. However, it's not for friends, instead, it's for enemies. The outlook is changed from blue from facebook to red with an anti-social message. They even call message to "lie" and visitor to "idiot". Haha! I wonder who wants to be an idiot to visit blogs on hatebook then. Anyway, if you want a laugh, visit


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Formula of love

There is a formula of love invented by a bunch of British scientists to calculate the chance of success of a relationship. {[F+Ch+P)/2]+[3(C+I)]/10 / [(5-SI)2+2] F= How much the other person like you

Ch = Charisma

P = level of hormone to attract the opposite (Wow! How do we know?)

C = Confidence

I= intimacy

SI = self image

My friend from Uni is going to get married in Nov and I am gonna be her bridesmaid.  Cool! She told me that she could not understand why her man fall in love with a woman like her with a below average outlook and boyish style. I have another friend who has the perfect 36D shape and so as her waist and bottom, all in the same size. Funny that she is so proud of her bust and  told me that  is the standard size. That's why she always wears super tight top and leaves alone the cushion around her waist exposed to the public.

There is a kind of agreed standard in beauty. However, there is surely no standard in love. You can never quantify love too, not even in money term and what kind job you do. For me, the above formula is definitely  for a laugh. I believe there is no x equal y in love. You can fall in love with an idiot. But he/she is definitely the idiot above all standard. Simply love the way he/she is, that's true love! Nevertheless, only the person being loved cares about he/she is not within the standard. That's sad!

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Little French Girl

Yo yo yo! Hey friends I'm back! Back to life and back to normal! I worked crazily everyday for a fashion in the past 2 weeks. Now the show is over!!! It was a success too!!! Yeah!

We had the fashion show in a shopping mall, kind of an open area. A little cute girl, around 5 years old, bumped into our show and showed me the picture that she drew for us. What a lovely surprise!!!

She asked if she could stay and sit with the crowd to watch the show. I was going to refuse that. First of all, this show was only for VIPs. Secondly, I was afraid that she jumped around and spoiled the show!!! Then I asked her to go talk to her parents if they could allow her to stay. She replied "can I really stay if I asked?" Wow. That was a tough question. To be honest, I was gonna use that question to let her go. Then she came back with a positive answer from her parents.

Well! I made the risky move and let her in as a VIP. Honestly I really didn't want to break her heart and lied to a little girl. That's me, sometime stupid from a business point of view. You know you can't be a human-like in business. However, I'm always in the opposite. Fortunately, she behaved herself and the show ran smoothly. Thanks god![](/attachments/2007/10/35927_200710282338111.thumb.jpg)

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My co-worker visited California recently. She sent me a postcard full of hot guys. It makes me feel like going on holiday again. I have never visited California. I hope what she sent me does exist. Ladies, time to save some money for the trip![](/attachments/2007/10/35927_200710072205321.thumb.jpg)

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If I were born in Chuan Sha!!!

Yo! Sorry that I've not been blogging for a long while as I was on holiday to Chuan Sha!!! Chuan Sha is a funny place. What would I do if I were born in this place?Teach English Man! I saw a funny signage in a national park. I'm sure most people who can speak English can write better than that. Operate a Deluxe Toilet I reckon I had paid a lot for visiting the WC during my trip. The thing is they usually charge 1RMB per visit to the WC. I can probably earn a fortune by operating a public toilet and no need to do anything just sit there and wait for a coach to come. There should be a bunch of 30 people per coach and they're usually the one in urgent need. That's good! Better than selling those small gifts costing only 1RMB and you need to invest a lot of time in the craftsmanship and stock control.

You know these toilets are disgusting!!! Honestly! A couple of holes in a room, no flush, no barriers, no toilet paper and no light!!! So what I would probably operate a deluxe version with modern least with light and flush. I would also hire a full time cleaner and turn this toilet to a hygienic one.

Charge: 3RMB/visit Become a tour guide This is not an easy job in China but definitely challenging to some people including myself. We visited a museum and escorted by a tour guide. The guide was an ordinary middle aged lady. She started with a 20 mins talk and then she started dancing around. She played the giant drum while she was dancing. That was funny!!! I wish I had filmed that. I didn't know that dancing was part of her job! Great work out ladies![](/attachments/2007/10/35927_200710011917381.thumb.jpg)

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