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The humble King.

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The difference between Timmy's greater legacy than to what Kobe Bryant has lacked is leadership! Our legacy is finally defined from our leadership. He just exit as it is, no need all the fanfare and confetti from everyone which took an entire season of what Kobe had did. Respect!

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Salute the Legend Sharine Lim

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好孤寒的 Trailer Production

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When you cannot rip externally, probably you have to rob internally. the currency maybe strong in exchange counters but it is depreciating speedily internally, Wages will keep falling very far apart from inflation rate. Well, spend wisely and probably "widely" more importantly, don't conform to the circumference of this little land that keeps sucking your every penny.

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Ben Simmons the next BIG thing! Assist Specialist.

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Really impressive! Can't wait to see Victor Oladipo playing with Russell Westbrook, it is going to be explosive!

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This is funny!! Tweeted by Enes Kanter.

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LB James, Dywane Wade, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard in 2008 Team USA, the best line up! Furious defense and fast-break attacking the basket! It was much much much better than today's 3 pointer boring games.

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