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X-Men Manga Style?!

My friend gave me some URLs. (Thanks KT!)

X-Men Shojo Manga: First looks


X-Men Shojo Manga!? @_@

Also here

Del Rey, Marvel Reveal New X-Men Manga Projects

and here

Another look at the manga-style Wolverine, X-Men

2 type X-Men Manga Projects are going on. X-Men Shojo Manga (for girls) Style, and Wolverine Shonen Manga (for boys) Style.

Hmm..... I guess Shonen Manga is not so bad (I like Vincent one).

.. but... hmm...

Shojo Manga Style is a big challenging things, I think.

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X-men BL style? :-O
over 11 years ago
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>Etchy Oh, you know BL? haha Actually, Kitty Pryde is the heroin of X-Men shojo manga. So, I think, it's not BL... but ... yeah, something smells. =P
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