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My friend's latest work

"my friend"の Jun Nishimuraがようやく新しいトラックをUPした(苦笑)。ずーっと放置状態だったもんなー。

"my friend" Jun Nishimura posted his new track on youtube today, and he plugged it in his blog.

He hasn't update his blog in a long while...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/xZYFzVF5Cek&hl=ja 今回のトラックは彼の友人のインド舞踊家(日本人)の京都国立近代美術館でのパフォーマンスを編集したPVの為のもの。


This  time, his new track is for PV. His friend Sachiko Miyata, an Indian-Dancer(Japanese) , performed with her dance company at The National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto a few months ago, and she wanted to make PV. So, she leaved it entirely up to Jun.

He made PV itself, and of course its track. and, I bore part in its shooting.


oh, FYI, actually his original strengths is musician.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/-bXeA89-DxM&hl=ja

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