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Mr.Ng posted his new entry!



Mr.Ng(papa Ng) posted his new entry about the onstage performance of the Ng Family Chinese Martial Arts Association @Summer Fair of Chicago's Chinatown♪

He gave me allowing kindly, and I translate his entry here on my blog!

Summer Fair 2008

2008年 夏祭り

Chicago's Chinatown again hosted its annual Summer Fair this July. There are over 20,000 people in attendance each year and this year the turnout was no less impressive. It was raining very hard the day before from daybreak until midnight. My wife and I were praying a lot for sunny weather. The Lord answered our prayers with great weather on the day of the Fair. Fifty plus members of the Ng Family Chinese Martial Arts Association led the parade with two martial-lions and a martial-dragon representing our academy.



Our onstage performance consisted of the traditional Chinese martial arts of Choy Lay Fut and Ving Tsun (Wing Chun), empty-handed self-defense applications, a demonstration of mitt and pad training, and a full contact sparring exhibition. There were several television stations in attendance and each recorded the event for the evening news (channel 12, channel 5, and several cable television stations).


We had received a lot of compliments for our performance. After the parade and our onstage performance, one of our young female students was invited to be photographed for the cover of Chicago Magazine.



Thank you to all the members of the Ng Family Chinese Martial Arts Association whom participated in the parade and onstage performance this year.


I was acting as the master of ceremonies for our academy's onstage performance.


Our martial lion-dancing team receiving a red pocket of lucky money from Ronald McDonald (as McDonald’s was one of the event sponsors) after the parade.


Choy Lay Fut forms and application demonstration.


Choy Lay Fut weapons demonstration.


Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) weapons demonstration.


Demonstration of mitt and pad training.


Full-contact sparring exhibition.



I also plugged the pics from Mr. Ng's entry in my blog ... is it OK?



wow, there are a lots of Ng Family Chinese Martial Arts Association Ts! (No wonder.)

…誰か間違えて 波動拳撃ったりしなかったのかな(無いです)

Doesn't anyone released HADOUKEN mindlessly? (NO way.)

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