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Memo/ 洪家拳[Hung Gar Kung Fu]

洪家拳 南派少林拳の代表的な一派として有名。






ゴードン・リウ(劉家輝/Liu Chia-Hui)は洪家拳の9代目の継承者です。

Hung Gar Kung Fu Hung Gar Kung Fu is well known as one of major style of Southern Chinese Martial Arts.

As in other styles of Southern Chinese Martial Arts, Hung Gar Kung Fu has 5 Animal Forms that passed down from legendary Southen Shaolin Temple. Each 5 forms correspond to 5 Elements. Dragon:Earth, Snake:Water, Tiger:Metal, Leopard:Wood, Crane:Fire.

There is a legend that Hung Gar Kung fu was created by Hung Hei Gun who was trained under Jee Sin Zen master at the Southern Shaolin Temple.

The legend says, after the Southern Shaolin Temple burned away due to the assault from Qing Dynasty, Hung Hei Gun ran away to GuangDong. He spread the Southern Shaolin Kung fu there and created Hung Gar Kung fu.

A famous Hung Gar Kung fu master who appeared in historical fact is Wong Fei Hung, the hero of "Once Upon a Time in China" series. He is real person and real master of Hung Gar Kung fu. But.... on the film "Once Upon a Time in China" series, their actions are very fancy, so it looks different from real Hung Gar Kung fu... yes, I know, it's a movie,an entertainment, so, it's ok, I see.

In accordance with the legend that it was created in the antagonism against Qing Dynasty, Hung Gar Kung fu is famous as a martial arts that used by revolutionists against Qing Dynasty. In fact, the style of Hung Gar Kung fu is suitable to actual fight, that point is most important for them, I think...

I read it on internet, it says most of bodyguards of China-Town around the world use Hung Gar Kung fu. (..I'm not sure...)

Gordon Liu is a “9th Generation Master” of the Hung Gar style of kung fu.

Phil gave this entry his own comment:

I love Hung Gar, it looks very good on screen as well! フィル自身のコメント:


special thanks to you, Phil

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I love Hung Gar, it looks very good on screen as well!
almost 12 years ago
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>Phil Yes! It looks very powerful!
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