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Memo / エスクリマ[Escrima(Eskrima)]

エスクリマ フィリピンの武術で、ナイフ及び腕程の長さの棒状の武器を使用。







Escrima(Eskrima) Escrima(Eskrima) is Filipino Martial Arts, it uses knives and sticks(as long as arms).

There are 3 major style in Filipino Martial Arts, they evolved each locality in Philippines. Kali: south, Arnis: north, and Escrima(Eskrima): central.

Escrima(Eskrima) and Arnis use sticks mainly, Kali uses knives mainly.

It's often the case that the word "Escrima(Eskrima)" encompasses other 2 "Arnis" and "Kali".

The name "Escrima(Eskrima) " comes from Spanish word "esgrima" that means "fencing". Maybe at the period of rule by Spain, some Spanish saw these Filipino Martial Arts and that reminded them fencing things, so they named them after "fencing", in Spanish,"esgrima"→"Escrima(Eskrima)" . (But Escrima(Eskrima) doesn't use rapier like fencing.)

U.S. military employs Escrima(Eskrima) for close combat method.

Recently, at Hollywood, they bring in Escrima(Eskrima) for their action movies that aspire after real. On the film "The Hunted", Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro stared, took many closeups of "hunting" scenes with Kali master and his disciple.


エスクリマもフィルのプロフ[About me]に載ってる武術の一つです。

Escrima(Eskrima) is also one of the Martial Arts appeared on Phil's prof [About me].

Phil gave this entry his own comment:

I'm no expert in escrima, but the style I did study (serrada escrima) was very suited for me :)  Looks cool and good for combat! フィル自身のコメント:


special thanks to you, Phil

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I'm no expert in escrima, but the style I did study (serrada escrima) was very suited for me :) Looks cool and good for combat!
over 11 years ago
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>Phil Serrada Escrima is more close range combat, is it correct? So, I think it's so cool for realistic fighting scenes, too!
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