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Memo / エクストリームスポーツ[Extreme Sports]




海外ではTrickzの名で知れ渡っていますが、日本ではXMA(Xtreme Martial Arts)って言う方が通りが良いみたい。

Tricks動画サイト[ Martial Arts Trickz]やYoutube等で動画を見る事が出来ますが、どーなっとんじゃ?!というようなトリッキーな動きで、成る程これはTrickz!と妙に納得出来ます。

Martial Arts Trickz It's an acrobatic martial arts performance that encompasses various different styles of martial arts method, especially it uses much in kicking method.

Though it encompasses "Martial Arts" in its name, it should be said that a performance that imitates martial arts, I think. But of course, obviously, definitely, players should be requested very high skills of martial arts.

In other countries, it's well known as "Trickz", meanwhile in Japan, it's more understandable as "XMA(Xtreme Martial Arts)".

We can watch it on Martial Arts Trickz and youtube. When I saw it, I went that "What's going on?!?!", it's really tricky movements, and aha! I understood it's actually "Trickz"!

パルクール(フリー・ランニング) こいつぁ…スゲぇ!@_@








Pakour(Parkour)/free running That's awesome! @_@

Pakour(Parkour)/free running is something like game mixed sports and street performance that originated in France. Probably that started out as a kind of play for pleasure, but it goes much beyond the conventional concept of game or performance. It is a kind of arts that using human body and ability.

Move efficiently. Behind this simple word, there are tons of challenges, difficulties and dangers.

In a nutshell, Go over block-objects. That's all. BUT the block-objets are very dangerous, and traceur(pakour player)'s speed is very fast, so it's no easy task.

Go over the wall blocks one's way, Jump into a narrow slit, Run on treacherous foothold, Leap like a dash over a urban canyon... Even spectator is adrenalized.

I wonder that it reminds me something... aha! Training of Police K9! I didn't think human can do that...

On the screen, there are many movies featured pakour. [YAMAKASI], just recorded it, [Casino Royale], used it very effectively on the chase sequence, ... e.t.c.

On [Invisible Target], the chase sequence located Sheung Wan(Nicholas → Phil), and another one on rooftop(Nic → Wu Jing → Phil), they used it.


Free running is more acrobatic than pakour.  

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Zuzu 49 nec 1543
Ha! I'm just watching the story [男兒本色] now~~,It's amazing!
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>zuzu Oh! you've got DVD[男兒本色]? Yes! It's amazing and awesome! And actors are my favorites, so... "It's my precccccccciousssssssssss!" (@The Lord of the Rings)
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