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 The Aoi Matsuri, now one of the Kyoto's three big festivals(Aoi, Gion and Jidai), is one of the most solemn and graceful festivals in Japan and has been well preserved throughout the ages since the 6th century. It is named after aoi leaves(hollyhock), which are used to decorate the costumes of the participants. These leaves are believed to have all sorts of powers, including protection against lighting and earthquakes, and guaranteeing easy childbirth. The procession consists of 511 people, 36 horses, 4 cows and 2 carriages, and runs 1 kilometer from the front to the back. The highlight of the festival is the Sai-oh-dai, a young woman(in the Heian period, she was always an imperial princess) who rides on a palanquin in a multitude of followers wearing the colorful clothing of the imperial court. She is dressed 12 layers of imperial Heian robes. 

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雅だね~。 どっちかっていうと、お住まいは京都よりなの? そちらは歴史があって、そういうお祭りも多くていいよね。なんか身が引き締まる(笑)。 京都は修学旅行でしか行ったことない。ってか、何処にも行ったことがない超田舎者の私には、まるで別世界だわ~~。
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どっちかっていうと京都に近いんですよねー 住所は大阪なんですが、実際には大阪と京都の府境で、遊びにいくなら京都、なのです。 京都は修学旅行とかツアーでは良さが判りませんよー、今度いらっしゃるときは私が案内します!(いつだよ)
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Thanks for dropping by! ゚・:,。★\(^-^ )♪thanks! I\'m Japanese, now living near Kyoto in Japan. I wanna move to HK with tons of my Japanese comics and books... =)

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