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カレーライス/ Curry Rice


It's a "Fried Chicken with Curry Rice", specialty of "KUIMONYA TAKAHASHI", located on Kitaohuji-Street in Kyoto, Japan.

(I wanna call it "Curry Rice". Not Curry and Rice or Curry with Rice...)




Probably for most of Japanese, "Curry Rice" is most popular "Western style food". Even granting that it's one of Japanese made-up-foods.

It looks similar to some of curry with rice like such as Malaysian Curry, but Japanese boiled rice is softer than the other Asian country's one, so texture is totally different.

Even though I make it at home often, when I go to some casual dining or cafe, I become to want to try "Curry Rice" sometime. ...you don't??






Classification of Curry Rice has 2 ways.

One of them is classification depending on ingredients of them.

Like that Pork, Chicken, Beef, Seafood, and Vegetable Curry Rice... It depend on main ingredient.

another way is classification depending on topping of them.

It can create an astonishing number of variation of Curry Rise, coz if you put on something on top of your Curry Rice, it become to be called "○○ with Curry Rice". 


So, the above photo is called "Fried Chicken with Curry Rice", classified by topping, big(...in Japanese generality) pieces of Fried Chicken are on normal Curry Rice


In Japan, there is a Curry Rice in the menu of various shops such as cafe or casual dining, so you can see it anywhere. Otherwise we have the specialty shops of Curry Rice. Of course it treats Curry Rice only.



The menu of specialty shops of Curry Rice has tons of variety of Curry Rice, It almost goes into incomprehension... amazingly. What? a taste? ...I'll leave it to your imagination...

参照: CoCo壱番屋で「カレーのトッピング全部のせ」に挑戦してみた reference: At CcCo-Ichiban-ya (one of specialty shops), we tried to "Mount all toppings of the menu on a Curry Rice".(Japanese site, but this entry shows a lot of photos)



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ウチはね~ から揚げは勿論、とろけるチーズ、ハンバーグ、エビフライ、餃子、目玉焼き・・・・え~~と・・・それから・・・・(笑) カレーは“ジャワ・カレー”の中辛です!!(爆)
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>kotarou チーズ!それやったことない。今度挑戦してみよう♪ 私は大抵2種類のルーを混ぜて使うの。その時の気分で選ぶから決めてないけど(笑) 辛さは辛口。辛い物好きなんだー。
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Thanks for dropping by! ゚・:,。★\(^-^ )♪thanks! I\'m Japanese, now living near Kyoto in Japan. I wanna move to HK with tons of my Japanese comics and books... =)

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