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Jun Nishimura's new tracks are launched on "iTunes Music Store"!

"my friend"の Jun Nishimura の新曲が、iTunes Music Storeからリリースされました。

The new tracks of Jun Nishimura who is my "my friend" are launched on iTunes Music Store!

Album Title:A-underground(RMT)

track 1:A-underground(RMT)

track 2:Dunamis

track 3:Star Ferry

track 4:sf-waves

track 5:up-400

■iTune Music Store

music > electronica > Jun Nishimura > A-Underground (RMT) -EP

http:// phobos .apple .com/W ebObje cts/MZ Store. woa/wa /viewA lbum?i sGifti ng=tru e&play listId =28465 8238

トラック3の"Star Ferry"は、彼が香港のスターフェリー(天星小輪)に乗った時に見た、香港島の摩天楼群が夕靄に霞む情景にインスパイアされた曲だそうです。

He was inspired the view of Hong Kong Island's skyscrapers that mist over at dusk he saw when he took on star ferry (天星小輪) , and he made the track called "Star Ferry".


FYI, the image of album is NOT inverted, it's a design what it is... he said.

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