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Japanese translation of Phil's blog entry Sep/20/2007

Etchy gave me permission to use these photos. Thanks Etchy!****

< Phil's blog entry Sep/20/2007>

the producer...


I have been fortunate enough to have made quite a few good friends in the entertainment industry.  Talented people whom I can call upon to lent their talents when their talents are needed.  When my friend, Leila Tong (Tong Ling) needed to record a quick voice demo for a record company that she's planning on working with, I was asked by our mutual manager (Mon Ng) if I could find someone to help out (as it was kind of a last minute kinda thing) and put her voice to song and onto a CD... quick.  So I placed a call to my talented song writing and music producing buddy, Tige Hui, and got him to help out at his home studio.  It was fun, we got work done, and it reminded me of my old high-school puck rock days.  Check out some photos taken during the recording session.  It looks like we were goofing around (and we were) but we got lots done.

僕は幸運な事に、このエンターテインメント業界で、何人かの良い友人を得ている。彼らの才能を必要とする時に僕が呼び出して彼らの才能を借りる事の出来る才能のあるヤツらを。僕の友人のレイラ・トン(唐寧)が、一緒に仕事をしようとしてるレコード会社へ提出するデモテープのレコーディングをしなくちゃいけないって時に、僕は、僕らの共通のマネージャー(Mon Ng)から、手助けしてくれる誰かを(こんな土壇場になって)見つけてCDに彼女の歌をレコーディングできるなら頼む…超特急で、と言われた。で、僕は、仲間の才能ある作曲家で音楽プロデューサーTige Huに電話して、彼の家のスタジオでレコーディングさせて貰えるよう話をつけた。面白かったなー、僕らは仕事を成し遂げて、それは昔の高校時代の最高に楽しかった日々を思い出させた。レコーディングセッションの間に撮った写真を見てくれ。なんかふざけ回ってるみたいに見えるけど(ってか実際そうだったけど)でもいろいろやったんだぜ?

"alrite everyone, try to look professional..."


"not when I'm getting my daily dose of horror..."


"quick leila! grab something and look cute!"


"we've worked so hard, we've gone crazy... at least the person behind me has..."


"what do you mean you don't have WoW installed?!!?!!!! Would you like to know what death tastes like?!"




My manager requesting that I shut my mouth...


Everything's Eventual (2002)

Short Story Collection





    All That You Love Will Be Carried Away

    Autopsy Room Four

    The Death of Jack Hamilton

    Everything's Eventual

    In the Deathroom

    L.T.'s Theory of Pets

    Little Sisters of Eluria

    Luckey Quarter

    Lunch at the Gotham Cafe

    The Man in the Black Suit

    Riding the Bullet

    The Road Virus Heads North

    That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is In French

<From Amazon.com>

 In his introduction to Everything's Eventual, horror author extraordinaire Stephen King describes how he used a deck of playing cards to select the order in which these 14 tales of the macabre would appear. Judging by the impact of these stories, from the first words of the darkly fascinating "Autopsy Room Four" to the haunting final pages of "Luckey Quarter," one can almost believe King truly is guided by forces from beyond.

His first collection of short stories since the release of Nightmares & Dreamscapes in 1993, Everything's Eventual represents King at his most undiluted. The short story format showcases King's ability to spook readers using the most mundane settings (a yard sale) and comfortable memories (a boyhood fishing excursion). The dark tales collected here are some of King's finest, including an O. Henry Prize winner and "Riding the Bullet," published originally as an e-book and at one time expected by some to be the death knell of the physical publishing world. True to form, each of these stories draws the reader into King's slightly off-center world from the first page, developing characters and atmosphere more fully in the span of 50 pages than many authors can in a full novel.

For most rabid King fans, chief among the tales in this volume will be "The Little Sisters of Eluria," a novella that first appeared in the fantasy collection Legends, set in King's ever-expanding Dark Tower universe. In this story, set prior to the first Dark Tower volume, the reader finds Gunslinger Roland of Gilead wounded and under the care of nurses with very dubious intentions. Also included in this collection are "That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French," the story of a woman's personal hell; "1408," in which a writer of haunted tour guides finally encounters the real thing; "Everything's Eventual," the title story, about a boy with a dream job that turns out to be more of a nightmare; and "L.T.'s Theory of Pets," a story of divorce with a bloody surprise ending.

King also includes an introductory essay on the lost art of short fiction and brief explanatory notes that give the reader background on his intentions and inspirations for each story. As with any occasion when King directly addresses his dear Constant Readers, his tone is that of a camp counselor who's almost apologetic for the scare his fireside tales are about to throw into his charges, yet unwilling to soften the blow. And any campers gathered around this author's fire would be wise to heed his warnings, for when King goes bump in the night, it's never just a branch on the window. --Benjamin Reese

短編恐怖小説14編の収録順を決めるのにトランプを使ったという打ち明け話で、本書『Everything's Eventual』を書き始めた、稀代のホラー作家スティーヴン・キング。恐怖が幕を開ける「Autopsy Room Four」の冒頭から、「Luckey Quarter」の最後の1ページまで夢中で読むうちに、読者はすっかり圧倒され、やはりキングは人知の及ばない力に導かれていると本気で信じてしまいそうになるだろう。

   本書は、1993年刊行の『Nightmares & Dreamscapes』(邦題『いかしたバンドのいる町で:ナイトメアズ&ドリームスケープス I』、『ヘッドタウン:ナイトメアズ&ドリームスケープス II』)以来、久々の短編集だが、ここにはキングの魅力がそのまま詰まっている。短編という形式は、ごくありふれた設定(ガレージセール)や昔懐かしい思い出(少年時代に魚釣りに遠出したこと)を素材に使って読者を戦慄させる、キングの手腕がまさに発揮される場だ。数あるキングの短編でも傑作に数えられる作品もいくつか収められていて、なかでもO・ヘンリー賞受賞作や「Riding the Bullet」は当初e-Bookとして発表され、既存の出版界に終焉を告げる事件だと一時騒がれた。例によって、どの作品も1ページ目から、現実からややはずれたキング独特の世界に読者を引きずりこみ、わずか50ページの長さで、ちまたにあふれる多くの作家たちの長編より、はるかにみごとに登場人物や雰囲気を構築している。

   この短編集でキングの熱狂的ファンがいちばん注目するのは、「The Little Sisters of Eluria」(邦題「暗黒の塔-エルーリアの修道女」)だろう。際限なく広がり続ける「暗黒の塔」世界を舞台にするこの作品は、ファンタジー・アンソロジー『Legends』(邦題『伝説は永遠に(1)ファンタジィの殿堂』)で最初に発表された。「暗黒の塔」シリーズ第1巻より以前に設定を置き、いかにも怪しい看護婦たちの世話になる負傷したガンスリンガー、ギリアドのローランドが描かれる。ほかに、ある女性の悲劇の物語「That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French」、幽霊ツアーガイドブックのライターがついに本物の幽霊に出会う「1408」、ずっと夢見ていた仕事に就いた少年を悪夢が襲う表題作「Everything's Eventual」、血なまぐさいラストが驚愕を誘う離婚劇「L.T.'s Theory of Pets」などの作品が収録されている。

   また、短編という芸術が失われつつある現状についてのまえがきや、各作品にこめた著者の意図、どこで着想を得たかなどの短い裏話も楽しめる。「親愛なる愛読者諸兄姉よ」とキングが直接読者に呼びかけるときの例にたがわず、その語調は、キャンプファイヤーを囲んでこれからお化け話を始めようとしているキャンプ指導員のそれだ。「みんなを怖がらせるのはちょっと気が引けるけど、手加減はしないよ」と。キングの燃やすたき火に集まったキャンパーのみなさんは、彼の警告に耳を貸したほうがいい。なにしろ、闇夜にまぎれてキングが人を驚かそうとするときは、窓に当たった小枝の音にぎょっとさせられる程度ではすまないからだ。(Benjamin Reese, Amazon.com)


Yes! This time, I could figure out what Phil was reading from that picture! hahahaha...!


Well..."horror"(from caption) and "King"(from pic), the only conclusion is Stephen King...


…but on that pic, Phil wasn't really reading the book, I guess... it was just opened the front cover...

…なんか私ストーカーみたいっすか… いや… うん… まあいいや(オイ。気にしろ)

ah... er... Does it seem like I'm a stalker...?? no... ah... yes?  well, I don't care.(dude... you should do...)

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ストーカー!!(笑) まさか、この本ぽちったわけじゃないでしょうね ラドちんの情熱はストーカー以上かもよ(爆) でも、まだ自覚があるんだから大丈夫なんじゃない?
almost 12 years ago
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>kotarou ストーカー以上って!それ怖くね?(笑) この本はポチら無いよ、だってこんな分厚い英語の本読む気しないよ… あ、でもスティーヴン・キングなら英語の勉強に丁度いいかも…って待て待て自分!(汗)
almost 12 years ago
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To Phil I hope you see here and give some relief for my solicitude... at your guestbook, some people make mention of your sickness... Are you suffering from some sickness for a long and now yet? You don't mention it yourself, so I hold back referring it on my blog entry, but... I'm very worried about you... even though I saw you&Van's kissing photo on Rosanne's blog...
almost 12 years ago
I'm fine, it was just the flu, thank you for your concern :)
almost 12 years ago
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>Phil Thanks for your reply! What a relief it is to hear that... =) Take care of yourself!
almost 12 years ago


Thanks for dropping by! ゚・:,。★\(^-^ )♪thanks! I\'m Japanese, now living near Kyoto in Japan. I wanna move to HK with tons of my Japanese comics and books... =)

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