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Japanese translation of Phil's blog entry Sep/13/2007

Etchy gave me permission to use these photos. Thanks Etchy!****

< Phil's blog entry Sep/13/2007>

Look mom, no wires!


Hello everybody, it’s been a while since my last entry.  I guess it’s because I’ve had nothing interesting to share.  Today is no different, so I decided to pick out something from my past that might be of interest.  Before fighting for the camera, I spent my days fighting in front of the mirror at my father’s martial arts school in Chicago.  While on vacation last year, I decided to put together a small reel of some of the stuff that we did at the school.  This gave the students and instructors there a chance at the “youtube” limelight and I believe it was a good way to help promote our little academy. I was also hoping that the bits of sparring and mitt work in the clip would give us an opportunity to show others in the martial arts community that traditional Chinese martial arts are not just for show and can be used for combat.  Most of the senior members of our schools have fought successfully in full contact tourneys around the US.


Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/8KDTK7HhDgU&hl=ja&fs=1

As for other things, my life is going well.  Have an overseas movie project starting soon, it’s all hush-hush, but I promise to sneak some info on here as soon as we start rolling.  Also, in a few days I will have grown exactly a year older than I was on the 16th of last year, leave a message and give me some love


きゃぁ〜〜〜♪ 動くフィルパパ♪ 

フィルパパってばほんと強そうなのに何故かキュ〜ト♪ この父にしてこの子あり、な感じ〜。

Wooooooow♪Moving Papa Ng♪ Why does Papa Ng look like so cuuuute although his moving is definitely strong-looking?! Like father, like son....

伍家国術會のサイトでフィルが 蝴蝶雙刀(八斬刀)構えてる画像があるんですが、アレの実演、観てみたいよ〜(刃物好き)


On the site of Ng Family Chinese Martial Arts Association, there are a few pics that Phil shows stance of Butterfly sword(Eight slashing knives). and I really wanna see the performance of that.(yes, edge tool lover I am...)

That sword looks like to demand very high skill for handling. 


個人的に、素人にも楽に扱えて高い効果を期待出来るナイフは、 ククリ刀だ、と思っているんですが、この蝴蝶雙刀、達人が扱えばもの凄い破壊力を生みそうですね…しかも防御も兼ねるのか…

日本刀にも 二天一流などの二刀流が在りますが、かなり違う雰囲気…。どっちかっていうと、忍者刀の構えに似てるよね。

It just my personal opinion, the knife that doesn't demand such high skill for handling and can be expected an instant effect is Kukri knife, I think.

However, about the Butterfly sword, it seems that if the master handles it, it makes an extreme destructibility...   ...and it also double as defense...

In Japan also there are some two sword style of Japanese Takana sword, like Niten Ichi-ryu... but it looks totally difference... the stance of Butterfly sword remains me like Ninja sword fight style...

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