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Japanese translation of Phil's blog entry Oct/20/2007

Etchy gave me permission to use these photos. Thanks Etchy!****

< Phil's blog entry Oct/20/2007>

punching things can solve many problems...


Yesterday morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed (to say the least…).  It was about 7am in the morning and I didn’t know who else to whine to other than Onimal since he’s been living a trend of going to the gym early in the morning.  God bless his heart, he lent me his ear for quite a while and did his very best to calm my nerves.  Feeling a little better I decided to go online and low and behold, Nic was awake and online.  I threw him a skype call and proceeded to bellyache like a second grader for another extended period of time. As a remedy for my temporary insanity, he advised me to head over to his abode, hit the mitts, work some crazy cardio, and eat dinner. I took his word for it and we worked ourselves to the point of regurgitation. But he was right; after working out, playing with his kid, watching him raid Kara with our buddies, and having dinner, I felt a whole lot better.


On a lighter note, Chris, one of my father’s kung fu students passed on a clip of Nic and I sparring from the Wing Chun TV series that someone uploaded onto youtube.  As Nic and I was working out yesterday, a thought occurred to me… does life imitate art or does art imitate life?  You decide…

もうちょっとマシな話。父さんの功夫の弟子のクリスが、youtubeに誰かがアップロードしたTVシリーズ『詠春』で僕とニコがスパーリングしてるシーンの動画を送って来てくれた。昨日、ニコとトレーニングしてて、ふとこんな考えが頭に浮かんだ。…人生が芸術を模倣するのか、それとも芸術が人の生き方を模倣するのか… 君が決めてくれ…

“I thought you had 20/20!!!!! Hit the mitt, NOT MY FACE!!!”



<youtube clip>

<※既にリンク切れ/ it's no longer available>

Now you've seen the clip, check your local listings, go watch the show, and then go buy a legit set of the DVDs now. Right now.



Lesson of the Day – Without the support of my friends and family, my brain would melt into some sort of unrecognizable putty.


うん、入手したよ、『詠春』の合法的DVD box!(笑)

Yes, I got a "legit set of the DVDs" ! 



No one escapes from that kind of nerves.

But Phil has good friends around him, I guess.(maybe everyone guess it.)

I think it come from his virtue. Virtue and happiness are mother and daughter, exactly.



Everyone has own way for solving this kind of problem, in my case... if it's light, I go tidying my room(it's always mess from my books and dvds...), if it's heavy, I go cooking like crazy. I make various of edibles, and refrigerate them. It's very useful later.



Art doesn't imitate life. I think, the actor just present to audience "a part of his accumulated memory" through the medium that called "act". It's not "imitation". Instead it's "dismantlement of things". The people called actor, writer or/and director, they are not good at imitate, they have a high skill of dismantlement and reassembly.

On the other hand, does life imitate art? if art is the reassembly of human's thousands of accumulated memory, naturally it could happen that we re-experience about it. What is important is, I think, if it happen, we should acknowledge that is real for ourselves, not imitation of  art, though it is re-experienceing.


This is vision from audience. I think it's more heavy problem for actors. coz they break their hart for act... I guess...

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