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Japanese translation of Phil's blog entry Oct/15/2007

Etchy gave me permission to use these photos. Thanks Etchy!****

< Phil's blog entry Oct/15/2007>

alive not dead and beyond...



We learned a lot about ourselves attending the Alive Not Dead party last Thursday. I discovered that the people I communicate with online (contrary to what I had previously suspected) are NOT cyborgs.  In addition to that, Andy, Van, and I were introduced to an unheard of beverage that I believe people call “beer”.  It’s a strange and funny-sounding name for a drink, but curiousity took us over so we gave it a try.  An amusing aspect of this strange concoction is that the more we ingested, the greater our urge to play thumb-wrestling grew.


During the countless hours of three-way thumb-wrestling, Van was determined to triumph and take home the championship belt (I guess he deserved it, since Andy and I did accidentally beat him physically a few weeks ago)…



On Saturday our little “Rat Pack” took off to a friend’s birthday party before heading over to our good friends’ (Ben and Jaime) abode to speak to their dog, Lola.  Lola informed us that in her humble opinion, “investors everywhere should reevaluate and decide to invest capital into movie projects that are truly unique and entertaining, rather than wasting money on something that is boringly formulistic and foolishly predictable.” We agreed 100%, though I think Andy became a little bit hungry after hearing the speech and wanted to eat Lola.



On Sunday a few of my very best friends were over at my pad to chill and watch a bit of the Old School.  Andy laughed so loud that my left ear went partially deaf for approximately twelve minutes.  My old friend Cat (whom I worked with on my first TV series a few years ago) was over to join in our chillness.  It was a relaxing way to finish off the weekend.

日曜日には最高に仲の良い友達の何人かが僕の部屋に来て寛いで、『Old School』をちょっと観たりなんかした。アンディがバカみたいにデカイ声で笑うもんだから左の耳が12分間くらい難聴になっちまった。僕の古い友達のキャット(数年前僕の最初のTVシリーズで一緒に仕事した)が来て僕らの”なんにもしないでのんびり”に参加してくれた。週末を締めくくるリラックスしたやり方だったよ。


(special thanks to Daphinator for taking these pics )


(special thanks to Michelle for finding the tom.com pic )



Three-way thumb-wrestling!?!? Impossible! (LoL)


btw, thumb-wrestling is global common??

んー、『Old School』って コレの事かなあ…?(邦題『アダルト♂スクール』)


Hmm... Is this what they were watching,『Old School』?



Oh, Vince Vaughn is there! He is brilliant, isn't he? The word "tactful supporting actor" is really for him, I think.

I've never seen this movie, but Will Ferrell with Vince Vaughn... there is no reason why it isn't funny.

Phil gave this entry his own comment:

And yes, we're all fans of Will Ferrell with Vince Vaughn, they rock :)



special thanks to you, Phil

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Wow, you figured out what we were watching from that picture? That's incredible! And yes, we're all fans of Will Ferrell with Vince Vaughn, they rock :)
almost 12 years ago
Photo 52064
>Phil I really wanna say "yes! I'm incredible!" but... I must confess... you mentioned about the movie's name in your entry! so what I did was only checking it out with wiki... >Will Ferrell with Vince Vaughn, they rock Yes! I can't agree more! =P
almost 12 years ago
haha, I see, I thought you figured it out from that one frame on the TV, LOL :)
almost 12 years ago
Photo 52064
>Phil hehe... I'm not Rick Deckard(@Blade Runner), my PC doesn't have image analyzing system! LOL =P
almost 12 years ago


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