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Japanese translation of Phil's blog entry Nov/28/2007

Etchy gave me permission to use these photos. Thanks Etchy!**** < Phil's blog entry Nov/28/2007>

the Onimal needs another movie award…


We attended the Mad Detective premiere in full-force tonight to support my “brother from another mother” (merely using that type of urban colloquial vernacular makes me feel at least ten years lighter).  The brother I speak of in this entry is none other then the one and only, Onimal (a.k.a. playa, a.k.a. Andy On).


In order to NOT spoil the movie for those of you planning to watch this film (since the less one knows about this film going into the theater, the more one will enjoy it), I won’t comment on the film itself, but I will say a few words about the Onimal.


Andy is someone that I’ve always looked up to as an actor (in the truest sense of the word).  Without the aid of beer, the Onimal might (sometimes) come across as a somewhat shy and introverted human being not always adept at expressing himself.  However, as soon as the camera rolls, Andy magically morphs into one of the most naturally talented actors I have ever seen.  To witness this fact, watch this film (and any of the other films that he has done).



To sum things up - I wish I had four hands… so I can give the Onimal four thumbs up!

サム"シング"ズアップ! 手が4つありゃよかった…そしたらオニマルに4つサムズアップ(激励)できたのに!

(left 2 rite) Toto (mother and mother to be), Park (of 6 AM fame), Johnny Drama (the technical acting extraordinaire), Onimal (the evening’s real superstar), and Yours Truly...

(左から右へ)Toto(母であり将来の母)、Park(6AMとして有名)、Johnny Drama(非凡な技術をもつ俳優)、オニマル(今宵の本当のスーパースター)、そして小生…

“I dunno… I mean… you know… it’s just that I think the movie could have benefited ever so slightly if… you know… we were in it…” (sigh)


"Without the aid of beer, the Onimal might (sometimes) come across as a somewhat shy and introverted human being not always adept at expressing himself."




I couldn't believe that sentence since I knew about the Onimal only in the films.

coz in the films, Onimal always has been very cool, very confident, and very powerful looking. 






But I realized it is the true when I saw the first anniversary of AnD movie on youtube.

What a shy person he is!

Sitting by Van Ness who talks like singing, he is smiling so gently, and then, as Van Ness tosses talking to him, he gets rattled and even can't talk as well...

How sweet!

at that moment, just a little,I guessed I would see that why Phil and Van Ness love and care Onimal so tenderly... 

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