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Japanese translation of Phil's blog entry Mar/5/2002

日本語訳(radwynn版) INDEXはコチラ Japanese translation (radwynn edition) INDEX is here****

< Phil's blog entry Mar/5/2002>

Saaract, the most powerful martial art in the known universe. [taken from myspace blog]

Saaract : 宇宙最強の武術 [myspaceよりインサート]

Below is a recently written essay on the infallible martial art method that I have recently come across in my studies and research...


Over the years there have been much debate in the martial arts community over whether particular fighting arts are superior. People belonging to particular schools will often boost of their chosen method's supremacy over others. However, after my many years of research and training in the various methods of fighting, I believe I have stumbled across the truly ultimate method of combat - the art of Size Altering Alien Radiation-Activated Cybernetic Technology (or Saaract).


Depending on the method of achieving mastery in Saaract, this art can enable the practitioner to grow to heights of 50 meters and the weight of 55,000 tons. A few of the techniques offered through this method's curriculum include (depending on the branch of Saaract) - the creation of offensively devastating energy projectiles at the wave of a hand, special flying leg attacks (that are done in a rapid succession to literally destroy an opponent), and the ability to fly effortlessly. The only downside of Saaract that one can immediately fathom is the esoteric requirement of shouting out the name of your special attacks before deploying them. However, this is a slight distraction, as the raw power given by the Saaract method will often negate an opponents response to the required verbal warning.


There are several methods of achieving competency in this art. First, a person could conceivably gain the abilities offered through the Saaract curriculum innately if he/she was born on the planet of Ultra, in Nebula M78 (as the radiation from the artificial sun positively mutates Ultra's inhabitants). However, as the Land of Light (as Ultra is sometimes referred) is approximately 3,000,000 light years from Earth, the second option is often more feasible.

この武術を習得する方法は幾つかある。先ず最初に、M78星雲のウルトラの星に生まれたのであれば(人口太陽からの放射線の照射がウルトラの住民を変化させる為に)、Saaract カリキュラムによって得られる考えうる限りの能力は、生来的に得られるものである。しかし、光の国(ウルトラの星の別称)は地球から大凡300万光年の彼方である。したがって、第2の方法がより実現可能であろう。

The second option requires the practitioner to be captured by an evil international terrorist group of some sort (usually bent on world domination) and be subjected to an experiment that alters his/her physical body with the tools of advanced cybernetics. To completely gain competency using this option, one must escape the laboratory/complex where the cybernetic experiment is taking place before the evil organization has the opportunity to erase the practitioners mind. Due to the fact that most evil international terrorist organizations will not erase a practitioners mind until the total surgical alterations are complete (thus giving the practitioner the power and the means to escape before brainwashing can commence) this option will often succeed in giving the practitioner mastery in Saaract.


Other methods in achieving competency in Saaract exist (such as having the practitioner himself/herself be fashioned into a living cyborg by a space entity for use in protecting this sector's planets from negative alien intervention), but the two methods mentioned previously in this essay are the most common.


True masters of this intriguingly powerful combat method include many famous and legendary figures. Of these masters, the most notable include - members of the "Ultra Family," a fellow who goes by the title of "Spectreman," and a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who dub themselves the "Kamen Riders."


It is this writers humble opinion that a practitioner of Saaract cannot be defeated. Much of the recently written rhetoric on style supremacy seems to focus upon developing techniques to fight against other particular martial arts methods; I feel this need not be. With diligent study and comprehension of Saaract, one can choose to destroy an opponent through the simple act of indiscriminately propelling vicious energy attacks or merely grow 50 meters in height (and 55, 000 tons) and stepping on your adversary(s). Anyway you look at it, Saaract is the most superior fighting method that I have ever came across.

著者の謙虚な意見では、Saaractは決して敗北する事はない、とのことである。 どのスタイルが至高かという論議についての最近の文書の多くが、他の武術のメソッドに対して闘う技術を見いだす事に集中しているように思えるが、その必要はないと感じる。Saaractの勤勉な習得と理解により、実践者は、対戦相手を滅ぼす為に、無差別に直進する危険なエネルギーによる攻撃か、50mに(そして55,000トンに)巨大化して対戦相手を踏みつけるかを選ぶ事が出来るようになるのである。どのように見ても、Saaractは今までに遭遇した中で最も優れた戦闘方法である。

(c) 2002 philip ng. all rights reserved

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Oh Phil, you are...(I don't mention anymore )  What's this!? at first, I think it's very strict essay for martial arts!

and then!


How can I say about my feeling... kind of... er... flake out? like go mad (a bit) and lay on a couch.  


I LOVE kind of these things.

Ultra Family


Phil gave this entry his own comment:

Spectreman rocks! I used to watched this show with my younger sister in the US when I was really young in the 1980s.  After the show we would re-enact the fights (I'd make my sister act as the monsters, lol!)



special thanks to you, Phil

Kamen Riders


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Spectreman rocks! I used to watched this show with my younger sister in the US when I was really young in the 1980s. After the show we would re-enact the fights (I'd make my sister act as the monsters, lol!)
over 11 years ago
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>Phil Thanks giving me your another behind story! =) he he, my younger brother did same as you when we were children, and I've been acted as the monster that time. but often, I, monster beat hero! =P
over 11 years ago


Thanks for dropping by! ゚・:,。★\(^-^ )♪thanks! I\'m Japanese, now living near Kyoto in Japan. I wanna move to HK with tons of my Japanese comics and books... =)

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