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Japanese translation of Phil's blog entry Jun/9/2007

日本語訳(radwynn版) INDEXはコチラ Japanese translation (radwynn edition) INDEX is here****

< Phil's blog entry Jun/9/2007>



Just got back into Malaysia yesterday to finish the principle shooting of a movie called Kinta 1881.  I must say, even though I miss all my good friends in Hong Kong very very much, it's nice to get away after the whole Face magazine fiasco.


While on break I did an experiment regarding how fast a person can get from being in reasonably good shape to being in not-so-good shape. I discovered that with the constant intake of Doritos, marshmallow chocolate cakes, regular Coke, and oily carry-out foodstuffs, the turning of a decently defined abdominal region into a vague and squashy mess can be easily achived within virtually less than two weeks and in a less-than-gradual pace.

休みの間に僕は、"人はどれほど早くそれなりにイケてる体型からあんまりイケてない体型に至る事が出来るか" に関しての実験を行った。ドリトス、マシュマロ、チョコレートケーキ、普通のコーラ、脂っこいテイクアウトの食品、これらの継続した摂取を用いて、僕は、 すっきりした輪郭だった腹部が、実質的に2週間以内で、突然に、そして容易に、ぶよぶよしたカオスな状態に変化し得る、ということを発見した。

< ↑の意訳の方が日本語としては判り易いとは思うのですが、ワタシとしては↓の直訳風を滞り無く一気に読むのを推奨。その方がフィルっぽい(笑)>

< I think↑(free translation) is simple and easy to understand, but I suggest ↓(strict translation, a bit) to read it at a breath, I guess it's more Philly.>

< 腹部の輪郭のすっきりした状態からぶよぶよしたカオスな状態への変化が実質的に2週間以内で且つ決して緩やかにでは無く容易に達成される、ということを発見した。>

< 『うる星やつら』のメガネの台詞風>< …そういやフィルってばメガネにちょっと似てね?(※検証は下記)>

< It reminds me some dialogs ofMegane@Urusei Yatsura(山T女福星)>< oh, speaking of which, I guess Phil slightly looks like Megane... (※the verification is as below.)>

I sacrificed much for this academic endeavor.  Use this information wisely.


But I must say, it's fortunate that I'm only an action choreographer on this one.  But it made me feel good to see that most of the principle actors did an experiment similar to mine over their break as well.


Life is good my friends.


検証結果 The verification result

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似てる.....(笑) でも、メガネを取ったら、フィルの方が男前ですよ♪
over 11 years ago
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>cocoa やだもうそんなこと当たり前じゃないっすか♪ >メガネを取ったら、フィルの方が男前 でも似てるっしょ、この画像(笑)
over 11 years ago
over 11 years ago
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>Phil I think Megane is very nice character and he is very clever and... ... er... ok it's seems like kind of excuse... of coz you are studmuffin than Megane, definitely!
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Thanks for dropping by! ゚・:,。★\(^-^ )♪thanks! I\'m Japanese, now living near Kyoto in Japan. I wanna move to HK with tons of my Japanese comics and books... =)

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