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Japanese translation of Phil's blog entry Jun/14/2007

日本語訳(radwynn版) INDEXはコチラ Japanese translation (radwynn edition) INDEX is here

Etchy gave me permission to use these photos. Thanks Etchy!****

< Phil's blog entry Jun/14/2007>

Bye Bye Kuala Lumpur

さよなら クアラルンプール

My last full day here in KL before I head to Kampa with the rest of the cast and crew for the remainder of the shoot.  The last few days here in KL was spent choreographing and rehearsing the final fight sequences for the film with the principle actors.  The final day of rehearsals was yesterday, a bittersweet good-bye to our little trainning studio.



Today was spent sleeping until noon, then it was off to the office to smooth out some the test footage the choreography team shot for reference.  Though we still have a one final battle ahead of us (shooting the final fight sequences), leaving KL is bittersweet, and today offered a little bit of time for me to reflect on the the happiness and hardships of this shoot thus far.

今日は正午まで寝て過ごして、 それからオフィスへ行って、武術指導チームが参照用に撮ったテスト映像を片付けた。僕らの前にはまだ最後の闘い(最後の格闘シークェンスの撮影)が一つ残っているけど、クアラルンプールから離れるのは嬉しくもあり悲しくもありってとこだな。そして今日はこれまでの撮影での楽しかった事や辛かった事へのご褒美として僕にちょっとした時間が与えられた。

Good times, I'm going to miss these guys.



For the actor, wrap is finish (of coz they have to join many events and so on after that, but in so far as "making film"), but for the stuff, wrap is kind of another start, I guess. I've read somewhere an article about some film's "behind the scenes", it said like that "they had to take another/added takes but couldn't manage to handle the actor's schedule, and at last they had to take with stand-in." And about CG-work stuff, they are assigned to clear some undesired objects that should be wire and something appeared on background accidentally, so I guess, for them, after wrap is their stage...


They make their action scenes over up to the last minute just before to wrap... perhaps they want to do their best, and really do hard...

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