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Japanese translation of Phil's blog entry Jun/13/2007

日本語訳(radwynn版) INDEXはコチラ Japanese translation (radwynn edition) INDEX is here

Etchy gave me permission to use these photos. Thanks Etchy!****

< Phil's blog entry Jun/13/2007>

30 year old booze


David Bao, one of the actors I've trained here (for Kinta 1881) in the ways of falling down and getting kicked (and occasionally kicking others) in the face for the almost-all-seeing camera took the action-choreography team out to a very nice dinner a couple of nights ago.

僕がここで(Kinta1881の為に)"殆ど全能"のカメラの為に、倒れ方や顔面への蹴りの喰らい方(場合により喰らわせ方)を教え込んでいる俳優のひとり、David Baoが、2、3日前の夜に武術指導チームを非常に素晴らしい夕食に連れて行ってくれた。

What was super rad about this already pretty awesome dinner was that he bought with him a bottle of 30+ years old Martell Blue Label.  I had never drank anything that was stored in a bottle for this long , and I tell you, it was like sipping history.  It was probably the smoothest alcoholic substance I have ever placed down my gullet (not that I'm an alcoholic or anything).


Other than that, work is work, and being homesick is being homesick.  However, I am gonna miss most of the crew and all of the actors here in Malaysia when the film wraps at the end of the month.


Guess I have new friends in Malaysia that I can trouble the next time I'm out here.



って思って、ちょっと検索してみました。 コチラはマレーシア政府観光局公式サイトのグルメページ。(日本語)

Malaysian food... what is it really?

so I check it out on internet... This is "Tourism Malaysia" official site, Gourmet page. (Japanese)


Malay, India, Chinese... and Seafood... sounds yummy...!!


Malay food, it's Malaysian native food. By image from pics on that site, I guess they are similar to Indonesian food that I've eaten at Bali. I've eaten Nasi Goreng and Satay. They were bit greasy but very tasty!

中華のページにある、海南鶏飯、かなり気になる…美味しそう…というか、作ってみたいぞ…ふむ…挑戦してみるか…( レシピ見つけた)

Now I'm very interested to Chicken Rice at Chinese food in Malaysia page... it looks tasty... hmm... I wanna make it. yes, I should challenge... (I found recipe(Japanese))

マーテルについては、 コチラ。(日本語/KIRINのサイト)

About Martell, please check here.(Japanese/KIRIN Beverage Corporation' s site)

参考(wiki): コニャック / Cognac  Martell

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う~~ん、さすがラドちん。 参考wikiありがとう!! マーテルはブランデーなんだ。なんと度数が40!!!ひぇ~~~~一杯で記憶を失いそう・・・ フィルはかなりの呑んべぇなんだな。 海南鶏飯はおいしそう~~! うちの奴も最近はすっかり脂っこいものダメで、鶏肉がお気に入りなのだ。参考にさせていただくよ!
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>kotarou フィルてばヘンなの、「そんなに滑らかだったの?」っていうコメント欄の質問に、「夏の日向に置き忘れたバターみたいに滑らかだった!」とか返事してた……それあんまし喉に流し入れたく無い物体なんですけど…(笑) 海南鶏飯、やってみたよ〜 また記事に書くね♪
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Thanks for dropping by! ゚・:,。★\(^-^ )♪thanks! I\'m Japanese, now living near Kyoto in Japan. I wanna move to HK with tons of my Japanese comics and books... =)

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