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Japanese translation of Phil's blog entry Jul/18/2007


It's Japanese translation of Phil's past blog entry〜

Etchy gave me permission to use these photos. Thanks Etchy!****

< Phil's blog entry Jul/18/2007>

I saw an Invisible Target...


It was the Invisible Target premiere last night, and it was the first time that many of us actors have seen the film in its entirety. I have to say, I was very impressed.  It is a very well produced film.  Even with the large cast of characters in the movie, the story still flowed well and each character's development was very well handled.  The action sequences was tight and very entertaining and in the acting department, everyone did an excellent job. For example, even though Jaycee and I are good friends and I know full well that what I'm watching is fiction, Jaycee's scenes was truly able to pull some heavy emotions out of me.  Also watch carefully when you see this film, my pal Nic pulls almost all of his own stunts, that guy's crazy, lol. Everyone in this film was pretty much spot on (a very well rounded cast).  Kudos to Benny Chan, Invisible Target is a very entertaining film.


All in all, watching the film with everyone is a happy reminder of the fun we all had on the set for this one.


a still from Invisible Target - that's yours truly in the front with Wu Jing and Nic jumping after me... (a thank you to michelle for finding this pic)





That is "Invisible Target"!

My favorite one, truly! (I bought it at yesasia.com on internet, too)

Only one thing that I feel regret is... Phil acts only "run away" scenes, not fight scene(except offense and defense in the taxi - that's an old-style funny scene, of coause I love it.).


Every scenes of Jaycee with Onimal, they handled their emotions very carefully. There are not many gialogue spoken by agitato, only few of Jaycee's. and about Onimal's character, he was depicted in less emotionally always, but by contraries, because of it, it expressly said what is in his heart...   they are truly impressive. I'm telling you, every scenes of Jaycee with Onimal evoke tears.



And Wu Jing! he is awesome all in all.

Though he bullied Phil profusely. er... Wu Jing's character did, maybe.  



The pic plugged in the entry is the Big Jump scene from building. Oh no, if the acrophobe see this scene, that person will fall down in a faint! Unbelievable. Even that I know they have harness and wire, still I feel awfulness! Actually I saw one of "behind the scenes" movies on youtube, on that movie, Wu Jing almost went to hang in midair by error in operation of wire or something... I was surprised! Phil and Nic ran up to Wu Jing and caught him. what a danger!


The story of this film is zipping along and clear, the emotional scenes are mellow and wet (but  no ...er... man and woman things), and the actions are physical actions in an old-fashioned way(I mean "good-old-Hongkong style", That's HK movie!), and then, the actors are my favorites! So, for me, it's a kind of full course meal that every dishes are my cup of tea.  

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sorry i didn't message you earlier, its better to start with the newer ones and go backwards!
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>Etchy Thanks for your notice! I do that for my pleasure, so it's no problem! please don't say "I'm sorry". =) I've done older one now. and then, I do translating from newer. =P
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Thanks for dropping by! ゚・:,。★\(^-^ )♪thanks! I\'m Japanese, now living near Kyoto in Japan. I wanna move to HK with tons of my Japanese comics and books... =)

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