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Japanese translation of Phil's blog entry Jul/11/ 2007


It's Japanese translation of Phil's past blog entry.


There are "Nicholas Tse", "Sammy Hung" and "Anson Leung" in that Phil's entry, and photos are soooo fun....

Etchy gave me permission to use these photos. Thanks Etchy!****

< Phil's blog entry Jul/11/ 2007>

Tuesday Night Server-Down Event...


Thank you for all of your comments!  If any of you have any further questions, please post them in the forum and I'll be glad to answer them as best as I can when time permits.


Ah, my life... My life upon returning to Hong Kong (after wrapping Kinta 1881 in Malaysia) thus far consist mainly of meetings, functions, and a cameo in a Jingle Ma film.  In between all that, I work hard to make time to step thru the portal that is my laptop and enter into the World of Warcraft. But alas, it's Tuesday and the US server is down!

あぁ、我が人生…僕の暮らしは香港へと(マレーシアでの”Kinta 1881”の撮影終了の後)戻って来て今のところは会議と式典とジングル・マ監督作品へのカメオ出演が主だ。そういうことの合間に、ラップトップPCというポータル<※>を通り抜けてワールド・オブ・ウォークラフトの世界へ入って行く時間を作るのに一生懸命になってた。ところがなんて事だ。今日は火曜日でUSサーバがダウンしてる!


<※portal (RPG) : kind of a gate that can connect between separated place, or kind of a spell to open such kind of gates>

Whatever do we do?!!?!!


After thinking long and hard, we (four of many) came to a conclusion that the best way to travel forward thru time quickly is to play another type of game which would distort our perception of time almost as much as WoW does.   So we dig down to our roots and discovered that the PS2 at my house still works.  And as luck would have it, my game cabinet was also endowed with the latest Naruto fighting game and Kengo 3.


So we worked the PS2 like there was no tomorrow (sorta like how we played before we discovered WoW).  Now, instead of traveling forward thru time, I felt like I was teleported into the past and reliving part of the life that the four of us lived while filming the Wing Chun TV drama last year.  Server-down Tuesday isn't that bad. It was sorta nice being able to see my friends in person (instead merely conversing with them thru my Logitech headphone/mic and witnessing their avatar kill or heal endlessly for days on my computer screen).  As with all happy occasions, it seemed as soon as our little gathering began, the servers went back on, and my friends depart.


Till next Tuesday brothers


let's get this party started! (left to right - sammy, anson, nic, yours truly)


haven't been this focused since grade-school...


our POV...<POV:Point/Position Of View コントローラーの視点切り替えを指す>


the price of failure...


the spoils of VICTORY!!!




Oh boys... they just look like grade-school boys... juvey! (...coz of that, they are very cute!)

As playing games, it goes that way, in a natural! Besides, it's not fun if it doesn't go that way...



On the last photo, there is something black box in the center of photo...??? on a closer view, it is daubed and says "censored".

I bet, they had ■o■a-■ola instead of Pepsi!

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haha, you are very perceptive and smart ;)
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>Phil Oh! thank you! Elementary, my dear Watson! =P
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Thanks for dropping by! ゚・:,。★\(^-^ )♪thanks! I\'m Japanese, now living near Kyoto in Japan. I wanna move to HK with tons of my Japanese comics and books... =)

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