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Japanese translation of Phil's blog entry Dec/2/2007

Etchy gave me permission to use these photos. Thanks Etchy!****

< Phil's blog entry Dec/2/2007>

alive not dead, terry richardson, punk rock, and cheese fries...


It sure was an eventful weekend.  AliveNotDead party/Terry Richardson exhibition Friday night and a photoshoot with Terry Richardson himself at my si-hing (kung fu brother), Cliff Au Yeung’s Wing Chun academy on Saturday morning.  I’m actually so exhausted right now that I’m gonna just let the following photos chronicle my weekend adventure for me.


My tale begins when my pals and I stepped thru the doors of #20 Queens Road to witness the exhibition of a certain Mr. Terry Richardson. (left 2 rite) Ivy, Johnny Drama, the Onimal, and Yours Truly…


(左から右へ)アイヴィー、Johnny Drama、オニマル、そして小生。

Before long we found ourselves nearby at the AliveNotDead merrymaking bash with interesting fellows like comic book legend, Pat Lee…


More old friends and interesting folk… (clockwise from upper left) the world-renowned Gordon Liu, our friendly neighborhood Kate Yeung, AnD.com’s very own Stephen Wang, plus my good-friend-and-Bruce-Lee-look-alike, Siu Lung…

古い友人や面白いヤツらをもっと紹介しよう…(左上から時計回りに)世界的に有名なゴードン・リウ、僕らのフレンドリーなご近所さんKate Yeung、AnD専属のStephen Wang、それに僕の良い友人でブルース・リー似のSiu Lung…

Oi! Oi! !Oi! God was kind and decided to bless me with the genuine punk rock goodness of Hardpack…

Oi! Oi! !Oi! 神は寛大にも僕を真のパンクロックHardpackという恩恵で祝福して下さったようだ…

God was kind again in blessing me with the chilli-cheese-friness of this brilliant establishment…


It’s not what it looks like… it’s actually a photo taken in midst of Andy’s cry for “FOOOOOOOOOD”


Look out! It’s the Daphinator! (the prolific photographic documenter of our group’s little misadventures)


Saturday morning was spent modeling for the one and only Mr. Terry Richardson… I was asked to display what seems to be my only skill, jumping and kicking people in the head (a thank you to Marcelo for taking a few hits to the noggin’ for sake of artistic expression)...


With the man himself!


Terry Richardson

Official site(公式サイト) Wikipedia





An American photographer. He is very interesting like that he has shot advertisements for many fashion designers, on the other hand, issued an photograph collection includes extreme sexual portrayal... I'm telling you, he is crazy hot!

Someone check this entry from the office, please be advised that you don't click his official site's "Images" carelessly. Let's click it with nobody at the back!

But he also collaborated UNIQLO's T-shirt collections.... I can't tell what it is, but I feel something.... awesome.


Hmm... anyway,I've never eaten "chilli-cheese-fries"... Is it cheese? or potato? ...or fried cheese?!?!

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