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an article from "20/06/2008 太陽報"



On Phil's Forum, Michellechen posted an article from "20/06/2008 太陽報"!

This time, it has English translation! Thank you, Michellechen!


So, I do translating it to Japanese...


Ng Wan Lung (Philip) went to India for three months for shot his film“Hands of the Dragon”. It first joint-stock by United states and India.  He is always good at action and fight in the film non-stop, but because the wound of his waist,it can be said that it pain for all of the shooting.

He said " shooting is in urgent, so I have to make a day even more three days to take more shot.  One day when i am in the shooting, i can 't move suddenly.  Fortunately the crew immediately find a foreign Traditional Chinese doctor to help me, he acupuncture for me, then I can move in a minute. It is amazing!"

Philip who grew up in the United States say that this time is make him changed his mind of The Chinese Medicine.

He also said that, this trip is make him to know more about India culture " it have extreme disparity between the rich and the poor in India.Penniless people need to sleep on the street.  But they actually say that it can refreshing them. So i think i getting hurt is only insignificantly small thing if they even not care of the danger for sleep on the road.  I hope that I can do something for them and give them some help."

伍允龍(Philip)は3ヶ月間、彼の映画「Hands of the Dragon」の撮影の為にインドに行っていた。この映画は初のアメリカ合衆国とインドによる共同出資である。彼は常にアクションに優れ、映画の中でノンストップで闘っている。しかし腰の負傷により、撮影の間中、痛みに悩まされたという。







大丈夫かいな… … …

Wha.....?! Phil got a wound of his waist?!

Are you OK now? ... ... ...

I hope that I can do something for them and give them some help.


Phil, you are really good-natured person...


Take care of your waist and health!






According to Phil's own comment on his forum, his lower back has always been problem...

Yes... if one's lower back comes strain once, it repeats that again and again.

I dearly wish you take care of yourself, Phil... 

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u r welcome, also thanks yr Japanese translate for phil too:)
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>Michellechen Thanks! =) I'll post it on Phil's Forum♪
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Thanks for dropping by! ゚・:,。★\(^-^ )♪thanks! I\'m Japanese, now living near Kyoto in Japan. I wanna move to HK with tons of my Japanese comics and books... =)

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