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Japanese translation of Phil's blog entry Nov/14/ 2007

Etchy gave me permission to use these photos. Thanks Etchy!**** < Phil's blog entry Nov/14/ 2007>

The Doppelganger Name Paradox


Van and I were introduced to Pat Lee (comic book legend) yesterday by Pat Lee (tomato cultivating guru).  Pat Lee introducing us to Pat Lee - the utter irony induced a brain hiccup so sudden; it caused an involuntary flying sidekick to burst forth from my foot to the face of the first person to greet me.  Van knew me (and my problem of kicking people in the face when confused) well enough to keep his head low the whole time.



After overcoming the doppelganger name paradox thru the shutting down of my brain via the ingesting of “beer”, it was pretty much a smooth day for everyone. With V in town for a few days, we decided it was a good chance to meet up with some of our buddies from the AnD club to cook up ideas to entertain both ourselves and the audience.  Despite a black eye received by one of the Pats, lots of cool thoughts came boiling forth from the midst of our extensive discussions, lots and lots of cool things.  So be on the look-out for some interestingly clever collaborative projects from your friends at the AnD club in the nearest of futures.


Pat (tomato cultivating guru) didn’t expect a kick to the eye, but that’s what you get for confusing Yours Truly.


It was (pretty much) smooth sailing as soon as the beer and chicken arrived (however, notice the “I-told-you-to-duck-but-you-didn’t-listen” gesture directed to Patrick by V.Dubb).


Lesson of the Day – Confusing me in any way whatsoever will most likely lead to a face full of pain.


……… 凄い跳躍力だよね。人間ってこんなに綺麗に飛べるんだね。




.......... Amazing spring.... See, Human can jump beautifully such as it...

Not only high but also powerful and beautiful.

And that's not all. It must satisfy the requirement to meet(or NOT meet) a target.

That's exactly martial "arts".



I like the balance of Phil's right arm and left leg(even though it wasn't caught clearly) on that pic very much.

And, this pic was shot pretty much head-on, so body angle is also my favorite.♪

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Photo 15509
I like the phot's body when his bust was straight is Good!!! フィルの上半身が、床に垂直に近いのが、格闘家としてはかっこ良いっす。 私の語尾がどんどん怪しくなっていく。
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Photo 42904
poor patomato (>_<) 
almost 12 years ago
Photo 52064
>saori Yes! exactly! That's perfect that Phil's upper-body is pretty much upright to the floor! ほんっと、綺麗ですよねー >語尾 もしかして私影響与えてる?(笑)
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Photo 52064
>jasmineT patomato??? patomatoって呼ばれてるんですか??CEOは(笑)
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Photo 42904
patomato=pat+rottentomato i just made it by reading your translation. the other Pat must be...Patmic??
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Photo 52064
>jasmineT That's nice! (lol) Pat + rottentomato = Patomato Pat + comic book = Patmic じゃ日本語訳はパトマトとパトミックで(笑)
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