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I heart Paris

Paris is always a good idea- Themovie "Sabrina" prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

In the movies Paris is designed as a backdrop for only three things—love, fashion shows, and revolution.- Jeanine Basinger

When Paris sneezes, all Europe catches a cold - Prince Metternic

     I love Paris in the summer, when it sizzles. How can one not love Paris? This is the first tri...Read more

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Gateway Camp

Summer is here! I love everything about it. The camps, the beaches ,the clothing! I went to a camp with 1500 people from 50 nations. Now that was fun! I met some of the kindest most charitable people here.

Here, I see a generation rising up to take the place. Truly inspiring! People abroad fight so hard for what they believe in and yet, I take my freedom of speech and luxury for granted.

Sometimes, we need to go back to the basics to be able to appreciate the simple things in life. When I go back, my bed never felt so comfortable...Read more

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Hi guys!!

           I'm in a good mood today! Somehow i feel like today is the beginning of something new! Oh, I've also got my all-important-casting to go to. They made me lose 15 pounds 2 months ago for this  

Now that I've registered to take the law exams (I've got to get my hk licence) I've got to juggle work and studies as my exams are in July. So there's the Diesel party which I've decided to pass tonight cos I think I'll go for COACH for see John Mayer....Read more

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When a girl meets her idol..

    It was a pretty  mundane night in a private club and there I was minding my own business, sipping champagne until I noticed a guy who didn't quite fit the dress code. He was in a white t-shirt, pants and white sports shoes. He wore a cap over his long grey and was awkwardly swimming in a jacket which was quite apparently put onto him by someone else who thinks that he was standing out just a tad too much.

     It took me one whole minute to figure out who he was. I can't believe that because I've watched 4...Read more

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It's my birthday!

Thank you for all your birthday wishes on AnD and FB! I had the best birthday celebration marathon ever from Thurs to Sunday. Really worn out now but I had a smashing time. Thank you!

It started with a suprise party at a BBQ so I was in my jeans and adidas. Then it was Friday's bday dinner and saturday's big dinner and bash. Sunday was dinner and richie ren's concert. so i think i am gonna lay low for a while til sunday of course. Happy Birthday AnD! Us Taurus stick together ;)

The Surprise BBQ Birthday Party...Read more

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Sex discrimination

To think that I almost had to ask my parents' letter for permission everytime i fly over to HK and Macau.Why does my country even have ministers who would actually  come up with such a silly and impractical idea? Coming from a law background, I not only feel insulted but shocked to see that such a bill would even be thought of let alone proposed. I don't care that I am Miss Malaysia, I still object!


Malaysia shelves 'impractical' plan to restrict women traveling abroad alone

 AP - ...Read more

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concerts concerts

I admit I love concerts, love movies, love everything about our industry especially when I'm in a good mood! I realised that I watched a few and never posted them up. There were the 2 Jay Chou concerts in Macau and Malaysia and the recent Richie Ren concert.

I seriously wanna be like Jay.2 hours passed like it was 20 mins. I wanna play t...Read more

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Hong Kong Film Awards

Hong Kong film Awards, my favourite night of the year!  I'm a supporter of movies made in HK and I'm proud to say that I still go for movies fortnightly. In my humble opinion, the winners of were predictable and deserving.

I think I'm happiest about Jet Li's winning. After 28 years man all the way from Shaolin movies.I can never forget my wong fei hung days. I was 8 years old and crazy over wong si fu  When I watched Warlords in the cinema, I knew he'd win. Yay!Read more

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The comeback

Hey guys!

So sorry that I've been missing in action. A series of unfortunate events happened to me. I was injured,I lost someone very close to me in an accident and my life was in a mess. We shared a blog at www.howverycharming.blogspot.com

here's proof of my injury which hopefully excuses me from my vanishing act.

Read more

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The catwalk

I love life shows. I never get bored of them. Before I step on the stage, I'll always get that adrenaline rush and those butterflies no matter how many times I do it .Even if you do the same thing every night, you get different reactions from different crowds. That's why plays,musicals,improvs and fashion shows are so much fun! Here are my fav shot from the catwalk (purrr) with the designer.

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Hello and welcome to my blog! About myself: I am an artiste because \'The secret of life is not to do what you like but to like what you do!\'-Anon- I

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