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Cmon Jordie!! Lets speak up!

He´s trying to speak right now... but still he cannot...

Sometimes I wish he can do it, when he cries I do not know what he wants...

I know every mother or father feels the same...

But is very hard not knowing what is happening to him sometimes...

In my post.. a photo with Jordie with my mother... AND MY GRANDMOTHER!!!!! She´s 94 years old right now!!!

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Look at his face!

Look at his smile!! He'll broke everything in his first steps!!! Don't you agree with me???

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A short time ago.. in a country far far away!

Hi people!

I'm writing from Argentina... Sorry for my english.. but sometimes is difficult to express yourself in another languaje!!

I'm 36 right now, and trying to enjoy life as I can... In our country is very difficult to do that.. I can assure you that!

I'm a librarian.. but a joyfull one... not that kind of person who attends you in a library and says: SHH! silence please!

I have a very good humour, and I love to meet people from another countries and another cultur...Read more

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