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From the island with ♥

A picture is like a poem without words..

I was experimenting to elaborate some of my favorite quotes into some pictures from my recent trip and I was... HOOKED.

I've never been this excited AND inspired looking at my own pictures. Guess I'm gonna go to make a bunch more... teehee!

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Ryan Higa a.k.a Nigahiga knows good laugh

When in need of a good comical laugh I turn to Ryan Higa's channel on Youtube, and so far never fails to make my day : ) Seriously, this guy knows how to crack jokes, its epic.

Watch him sing 'Like a Good Boy", a song parody of Far East Movement's 'Like a G6' Video: htt...Read more

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The 39 Types of People You Will Meet on Twitter and Facebook

Here's 12 on Twitter..

and another 27 on Facebook..

Okay now you have identified your type, try not to feel so miserable lol!

Stay cool, people!

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You Tube and the Asian Movement by David Choi

reblogged fromDavid Choi post for AngryasianmanYou Tube and the Asian MovementI have a story that starts from before the days of when the Internet was starting to become a "necessity" of life. Let's start by condensing my very long life story into a couple sentences. I was forced into playing violin and piano, ...Read more

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Have you ever..

read a book for 12 hours straight??

I voluntarily skipped a meal, a shower, and beauty sleep.

from 6pm-6am, literally glued to this book...

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I'm not a big fan of dark crime/thriller genre, but this one I'd definitely recommend.

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Ro Town, baby!

Some of my raw, never been published shots of Rotterdam City.

The graceful Erasmus Brug~ Once I tried to bike over to the other side during winter.. stupid idea! Almost die trying -_-*

But, during summer it is the best way to experience the city.

Beside the largest port in Europe, Rotterdam also known as city of architecture.

Luxor Theater building here is one of ...Read more

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ing my blog..

its been a while.

will post more of my travel stories and pictures very soon!

promise i'll bust my ass and do my homework!

for the meanwhile.. Happy Easter guys! J loves U..

warm greetings from the beach side!

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dear friends and lovers..

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As America celebrates..

I ponder.

I'm not American..

I don't understand politics..

But watching Obama deliver this awe-inspiring victory speech I do hope one day my country would be able to have a leader of his magnitude..

If they can, why can't we?[if gte mso 9]...Read more

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Sometime in October...

I was here.

While it was freezing below 10 degrees in other parts of the world, it was hot and sunny here in this secluded little island called Gangga...

Beautiful would be an understatement to describe this scenic haven...

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Give me the streets of Manhattan.. -Friedrich &amp; Jo March, Little Women-


January 17, 2008