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How can Chinese citizens in a Chinese city be second-class?

Why is it Ok in Hong Kong for all the upscale malls and bars to shed all traces that it is an Asian city? All the billboards depict white people, all the stores feature white models, and a significant portion of these areas are all-English. In the store signs, in the promotions posters, the shirts.

Does Hong Kong really need to be nearing the end of the 50 year transition to an "official" Chinese city to admit to itself that, yes, Asian males can also be masculine, Asian females c...Read more

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My contest video

As you might know, I am a student at UC Davis. It is currently our centennial year, meaning it has been 100 years since the first UC Davis class came here and sat their butts down and studied. To celebrate this anniversary, the school held a simple contest: make a 30-second video that displays Aggie pride in some way (we call ourselves the Aggies). So I made one... can't say I planned it out for very long, but I tried! Here is the end result... The contest results will be announced next week. I will update you!Video: Read more

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Vote for me???

I slapped together a 30 second clip for a contest called I Got Aggied, in which you are supposed to describe, in one form or another, what aggie pride is. I would appreciate it if you could go to the following page to vote


You don't have to necessarily vote for my video, but at least check it out, do a VERY quick registration, and choose your favorite! Tell your friends to do it too! Unfortunately there is a...Read more

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A great year

As of now... seems like it will be a great year for Hong Kong's alternative/underground music scene. I'm glad!

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Someone explain to me why Hong Kong's audience expects apologies from victims of the photo scandal

It's like beating a dead horse now, but I've wanted to ask for a long time. When someone intrudes a celebrity's privacy it does not matter who the victim is. Seeing the two press conferences, I really want to know exactly why Hong Kong's public seemed to demand an apology from Gillian, Edison. What are they apologizing for exactly? For being sexually active? For being well-known/ Because for some reason your child decided ...Read more

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I'm so lazy

I just wanted to show why I hate the whole touchscreen/analog control schemes that new devices seem to be adapting. I found this post and it sums up the idea:

"Lack of manual controls on the [ipod] touch itself that, IMO, makes the design of the Touch really inconvenient. When I'm walking on campus and somebody says hi to me I can very quickly and easily find the pause button on my Zune. On the touch I'd have to take it out my pocket, unlock it, confirm to unlock it, pause, lock it again, then have my conversation. Then o...Read more

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HK film downfall is because of HK

I ripped this from a forum post I made... because I'm actually saddened by some words I heard today.

I'm actually in Hong Kong right now for I am still young enough to have a summer vacation. Most of my relatives are here so I hang out with them a lot. I made sure long before I came here that I would accomplish two additional tasks: support local cinema and go to band shows. Of course this is about the former.

I have watched several HK films in theaters in the past two years and I've noticed somet...Read more

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So glad.

I have not spent more than a total of several years in Hong Kong (most of which was before I was three), but starting in sophomore year of high school I developed a strong interest in Hong Kong culture... the real stuff. Not so much the trends and fashion, which may also be part of it, but really the alternative to the materialistic lifestyle that the majority of Hong Kong citizens embrace. I still love the special aura I feel when I enter the city, but each time I return it feels a little more empty. Historical landmarks are disappearing, "ent...Read more

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