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Vital Stats: Qiu Hong

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  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Languages spoken: English, Cantonese, Mandarin
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About Me


Jan (Vocals) 、倫 (Guitar) 、Hala (Guitar) 、河馬 (Bass) 、軒 (Drums)

我們已經忘記了在二零零二年五月的哪一個晚上,開始走上這漫長的路,各人離開了以前的樂隊後,緣份令我們走在一起。樂隊的名字是從書本裡的題目變換過來。「秋」 - 多愁善感,總是愛想東想西的季節;「紅」 - 熾熱、溫暖,我們的血正在流動的意思,這代表著我們各人的性格與音樂的方向。熱血在我們身上流動著,期盼讓世界接收我們發自內心的聲音。讓我們繼續吶喊,讓熱血繼續沸騰,把我們的生命延續;音樂熱誠不會隨年月淡化,只因我們最熱愛的,就只有音樂;我們最需要的,就只有音樂。

願與你同在 直到永遠 我們


二零零五 夏

We formed in May 2002, fate bring us together, the band name is inspired by a title of a book; "QIU" is "autumn" in Chinese, the season full of emotions and thoughts. "HONG", "red" in Chinese, represents the hot blood inside us, and also the color of the fire, warm and bright, just like the characters of us and our music attitude.
We hope all of you are ready for the voice from our heart, hope our melodies can touch you. We are shouting to keep our blood flowing, which can keep us alive. Nothing can change our eager devotion to music.

The thing we love most, is MUSIC, the thing that we can't live without, is MUSIC.

May the music of Qiu Hong be with you, now and forever.



  • Favorite Music: Rock n ' Roll
  • Favorite Books: 搖滾/我愛搖滾樂/音樂時空

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